How To Improve Aim in COD Warzone

There may always be the upcoming round to make up for the mistakes in tactical-shooter games. But, getting a second chance at COD Warzone is next to impossible. The minute you miss your shots, you will lose the firefight. But, if you have an excellent aim, you can survive any situation, no matter how bad it is.

The only problem with bettering your aim in COD Warzone is that there is often too much downtime between firefights. If you are in an area with absolutely no adversaries or perish before you fight a real fight, you may not get any chance to apply your practice to aim. Here are some tips we have put together for you that will help you stay accurate.

Set the stage up

Before you hop into the game, optimize the settings on your mouse. You must optimize the mouse’s DPI and sensitivity of Windows. Just click the Start button and type “mouse.” Locate the additional settings and open the Pointer Options.

Once you are inside, turn the “Enhance Pointer Precision” option off. Pick the sixth or fifth level of sensitivity for the pointer. Any sensitivity option over six can cause frame skips occasionally, and you can miss crucial shots.

You can also get a good gaming mouse if competitive playing is on your mind. Gaming mice have installed software that permits players to adjust DPI (dots-per-inch) settings, control lights, and create macros. Experiment with varying DPI values and see what works. Regardless of the DPI preference you have, we recommend setting the mouse’s polling rate to 1000 Hz.

Make the most of the controller.

A controller user has an added advantage over keyboard and mouse players, which is the “aim assist” setting. This setting makes the controller aiming more bearable and, if used right, may become one of the deadliest weapons. There are three separate aim assist settings that you can select.

The prime difference is when they begin kicking in and how robust they are in sensitivity lowering terms. We say experiment with each of them. Discover the one that suits perfectly with your gaming style. The minute you know your aim assist setting, you will also learn the outs and ins of your aims.

Play against the bots

Practice in offline mode to step back from Call of Duty’s competitiveness. You can set a practice lobby to play via the campaign or play against the bots. In terms of time practice, lobbies are much more efficient as you will enjoy the game’s story while you revise your aims.

Embrace head firing

To win a skirmish, always aim for the head. It may sound harder than it does, but your chance to win skirmish increases when you try such a shot. You do not have to make a lot of effort to get the perfect headshot; target your enemies’ upper area of the chest, and the recoil will do the needful. Visit to know how a rogue bullet will end up in the enemy’s skull without you being good at managing recoil.

Practice on 3D aim trainer

You can download different aim trainers to practice aims and warm up through keyboard and mouse. We absolutely love the 3D Aim trainer because it is free and imitates playing warzone. You can set FOV to match Warzone’s FOV or pick from a Modern Warfare weapons list to practice with. Spend 20-30 minutes every day focusing on nothing but your aim. This task will do a lot for your accuracy.

Use the movement keys

Strafing makes it challenging for enemies to target you. But, it also helps to track the movements of the enemies. We suggest not to rely on this when you are tracking. That is because the minute you transform this practice into a habit, your aiming can degrade. If you engage in long-range fights, turn proning or crouching into a routine.

Know your weapons well

This tip is a crucial one if you aim over all kinds of distances. Remember that each weapon has its recoil. You have to control that recoil. Some pull straight upwards, but some weapons like AMAX are challenging to control because of their horizontal recoil. Thus, test all weapons in the loadout and watch the patterns. You can aim at an empty wall without moving the mouse or control stick.


The critical component to aiming well is practice. We recommend hours and hours of practice. You may have the best loadouts and weapons, but they are worthless if you do not hit the shots. We hope this blog helps you maximize the time and stay accurate during your gameplay. If there is anything we missed out on, do let us know in the comments.

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