5 Nintendo Switch Games You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

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  • The Nintendo Switch was an instant hit, and there’s no surprise that since its release in 2017, it’s become a global bestseller. With ports from major developers to indie titles, there are hundreds of games for you to choose from. But finding the right game for you might feel like a challenge when there always seems to be something new to try. You may even fall into the trap of nabbing some interesting titles while they’re on sale and ultimately being disappointed by the game play.

    This list will give you five games that are both extremely engaging and highly playable. We’ve opted for a blend of chill and action-packed titles to suit every gamer’s style and mood. Before you dive in, make sure you plan ahead for a long gaming session. Have drinks available, a comfortable chair, and if you enjoy indulging while you play, you can relax with a vaporizer. You can browse a collection online and by using a vaporizer, your lungs will thank you compared to smoking.

    Immortals Fenyx Rising

    If you played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then you’ll love this title by Unisoft. Immortals Fenyx Rising centers around the story of Fenyx, a shield barrier from ancient Greece who must set out on an incredible adventure to lift a curse that has turned mortals to stone and imprisoned the Greek gods. The game is fully voice-acted and delivers the perfect combination of exploration, humor, emotion and action. It’s rated T (teen) for some language and violence, but it is suitable for children 8 and up with supervision.

    The Witcher 3

    Fans of the Netflix series will want to play the latest game in the widely acclaimed series. The Witcher 3 may be the third installment in the franchise, but it is equally suitable for a newcomer. You play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster-hunting mercenary, who must rescue his old apprentice and stop the end of the world. This game is rated M (mature) due to blood and violence, language and mature themes.

    Stardew Valley

    With charming pixel graphics and a soothing soundtrack, Stardew Valley is a family-friendly farming simulator that anyone can pick up and enjoy. Whether you’ve been a long-time fan of farming games or never played before, this is one indie hit you won’t want to miss. Although it seems straightforward and simple on the surface, Stardew Valley has a rich, vibrant community full of characters to befriend and stories to discover.

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

    Since 2011, Bethesda’s fantasy RPG has enchanted millions of players around the world. Now, you can take the mythical world of Skyrim anywhere with the Switch port. There are virtually no limits on what you can make of your character. Assume the role of the legendary Dragonborn, a mythic hero capable of absorbing the souls of dragons to save the world, lead a simple life as a sword-for-hire, or become a mage and vanquish your foes with four unique schools of magic. Skyrim is rated M, though it may be suitable for some teenagers 16 and older.

    Kitaria Fables

    In Kitaria Fables, you are a feline soldier named Nyanza von Whiskers who must save her homeland from a terrible thread. You start your story after being dispatched to a village where you can make friends, help the locals and maintain a field of harvestable crops. In a unique blend between a farming simulator and RPG, Kitaria Fables allows you to set the pace of your adventure and play how you like. It’s rated E10+, so the whole family can enjoy it together.