The Heavy Pour
A dog on a green blanket.

Little Brother

The cover of Unwinnable Monthly Issue 142, where a figure stands in a radioactive wasteland.This column is a reprint from Unwinnable Monthly #142. If you like what you see, grab the magazine for less than ten dollars, or subscribe and get all future magazines for half price.


Three fingers of analysis when two will do.


Panel 1: Two dogs, one fluffy black poodle and one black and tan yorkie, lounge curled up on a couch. An off-panel voice says, “Come on, good boy. One last ride in the car.” The yorkie thinks, “See ya Monty!” Panel 2: Time passes. The yorkie lounges on the couch. Panel 3: An off-panel voice says, “We’re home.” The yorkie stands on the seat of the couch and thinks, “Monty?” Panel 4: The yorkie sits back on his haunches and thinks, “?” Panel 5: The yorkie is curled up alone on the couch.


Sara Clemens thinks too much about things, generally. They run a site called Videodame and a Twitter called @thesaraclemens.

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