Top 5 movies for lovers

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  • A romantic date is considered the best for creating a long-lasting relationship. The emergence of love feelings occurs faster when all the attention is directed to the partner. If you are afraid to make a mistake with a place for a date, then it is better to choose the classic version. Even going to the cinema can be made interesting and memorable if you choose a not quite standard and familiar cinema.

    The nice variant is to stay at home and watch a romantic movie. A candlelit dinner, screen passions and dim light will awaken wonderful feelings between you. No one will stand the romantic vibes, even gothic personals. If you decide to choose a romantic place for a date, then it is worth considering the main points that are worth paying attention to. First, you should feel alone, without crowds of people and outside noise. Second, the details are important: candles, music, gourmet treats and comfort.

    What movie to choose

    If you are dating on the St. Valentine’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to express feelings to each other, to make pleasant surprises and watch movies, which will give an atmosphere of love and warmth:

    • P.S. I Love You. He and she were created for each other, two halves of one whole, which, having lived in perfect harmony with a long happy life, could easily die in one day. But fate decides otherwise, and she very soon remains a widow. But even after death, the husband does not leave his beloved wife: he left her 7 messages in advance, to help her cope with the loss. Each of them ends with a postscript «I love you».
    • Valentine’s Day. Any miracle can happen on Valentine’s Day. Amazing things happen to all the heroes of this film, each of these people is preparing to experience an exciting adventure. After all, Valentine’s Day is such a wonderful holiday that everyone celebrates with joy. And it doesn’t matter who you are: a child or an adult, a family man or a person free from relationships, unemployed girl or successful businessman. Five different stories linked by one content. And the meaning of everything is Love.
    • The Proposal. The main character of the film is a responsible boss who is threatened with expulsion to Canada. In order to avoid eviction from the country, she is ready to do anything – even fictitiously rush out to marry her young assistant. However, this touching story of a fictitious marriage becomes true love.
    • Mother’s Day. This is a light and unobtrusive film about wayward ladies who love to have fun. Fitness, shopping, naughty relatives, naughty children, envious girlfriends. Where are we without these components of female happiness. What if an ex joins the whole company? The final promises to be hot and unexpected.
    • La La Land. The film unfolds a beautiful love story between a young assistant girl who serves coffee to real movie stars and a talented jazz musician who moonlights in bars. The couple will soon find great success, but fame begins to negatively affect their romantic relationship.

    It has long been proven that watching romantic films is sometimes more effective in helping to cope with troubles in a relationship even than a family psychologist. And psychologists themselves often prescribe cinema therapy to their wards: firstly, films with a romantic plot provoke the production of the hormone progesterone, responsible for the joy of intimacy with a loved one and other pleasant things; secondly, they help to look from the outside at what problems other couples face.