The Hardest Real Life Games

If you’re a video game lover, then you’ll know that there are some games that just seem to be slightly too difficult to enjoy. And this will feel especially true if you’re an old-school gamer because, for various reasons, it just seems that games used to be more difficult in the olden days. Indeed, there are some games from the past, such as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, that are virtually impossible to complete.

Still, if there’s one thing to take comfort in, it’s that, at the very least, these games are just, well, games. There are some elements of life that are even harder and which don’t have any shortcuts, tutorials, or cheat codes. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the hardest real-life games. Some of these you’ll have to play; others, you can leave to the people brave enough to step up to the plate.

Professional Sports

It can be frustrating to lose when playing video games, but at least you have the consolation of knowing that you can always play again. There aren’t too many consequences. But what about if you’re playing a real sport, one that’s played in front of a crowd and which is shown on television? Then, there are consequences — especially since it’s not as if you can reload the game should you lose. What’s even worse is that many teams go into a game without much hope of winning. This is especially true in leagues with ever-present teams, rather than the promotion/relegation format found elsewhere in the world. The gap between the worst and best NFL teams, for example, is much wider than the gap between the worst and best Premier League soccer teams. And that means that some teams are just set up to lose. The odds of the Detroit Lions beating the San Francisco 49ers are stacked against them, for instance. At that point, all those ever-losing professional teams can do is hope that they can pull off an unlikely victory, which only very seldom happens. 

School Success 

Is there anything more disorienting than school? One day, you were happily running around with your siblings, and the next, you’re being forced to spend the majority of the day in the classroom. OK, in truth, the early days of the education system are not all that difficult. But as time goes on, the game becomes extremely tough, especially as you approach and then enter higher education. At that stage, the pressure begins to mount, everything and everyone becomes more competitive, and you have to think about things that people at that age are seldom equipped to deal with, such as your career. And talking of which…

Career Success

If you thought the education system was fierce, wait until you enter the real world. There are plenty of jobs out there, but the jobs that people actually aspire to call their own are in short supply. And that means that for every one of those jobs, there’ll be thousands of applicants. It’s not only getting a job that’s difficult. Succeeding in the position and furthering your career is also tough; relentless, even. We would say that the smart option would be to remove yourself from a traditional career and start your own business, but unfortunately, that might be even more difficult!


Philip Roth called love ‘the most maddening aspect of life’ in one of his books. And if you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you’ll be inclined to agree with that assessment. Life can be tough when you’re on your own, but it can become outright chaotic when you’re trying to juggle your own wishes with someone else. The good — even beautiful — aspect of this is that it’s nearly always worth it. But still, you’ll likely have to go through your fair share of ‘Game Over’ screens before you meet the person with whom you can complete the game! The difficulty of relationships doesn’t only apply to romantic unions, either. All relationships, from friendships to colleagues to parent/child dynamics, can be difficult.

This is just a selection of the hardest games out there. Hopefully, keeping these factors of life in mind will help you to be more accepting of a challenging video game in the future! 


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