The Harry Potter movie adaptation teaches us a lot

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  • There have been some excellent book-to-film adaptations and some pretty bad ones in the past. Every good thing has its fair share of critics since not every good thing is without its flaws. The Harry Potter film series is one such series.

    As far as book-to-film adaptations go, Harry Potter is without a doubt one of the best. It is hard to find weaknesses in the earlier film series because it was so well made.

    In fact, Adam Drury of Betway Casino took a look at the most successful book-to-film adaptation as well. In the article, he mentioned, “Despite not being among the top ten most popular films, Harry Potter films are among the top seven most profitable”.

    How do you turn a book into a successful film?  

    Many things go into consideration to make it a successful one. One has to make sure the adaptation includes the right balance of action, suspense, emotions, and, above all well-written dialogue, so that it accurately depicts the original.

    Adaptations of series, like J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter, are easy to judge, based on the amount of time it has taken them to get there. Continuous effort of crew was evident when Prisoner of Azkaban landed on screens in 2004, thus any excuse for issues in the book-to-film adaptation was carefully considered. 

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    The film series would have never been the same without this one film. The Harry Potter franchise started out with The Sorcerer’s Stone on June 26, 2001, on the UK’s Channel 4 network. This film stands the test of time due to its heartwarming story and incredibly good acting and direction. There is not a single person who could say this book or film is anything but great and is a timeless classic. 

    Fans loved the Harry potter series

    Many, including Rowling herself, believed the Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, was better than the first. Rowling stated she received some feedback from fans to make the earlier book, Goblet of Fire, the fourth film. That was quite a statement considering Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out the very next year.

    A movie series in which each book tells its own story is notoriously difficult to adapt to film.

    Especially in those later Harry Potter films, where the visuals are stunning but sadly misses the narrative complexity. In my opinion, the last two movies, while they followed JK’s arc, were incredibly disappointing. It became increasingly complex as the story developed, with a good vs. evil theme, unfortunately, that was not translated onto the screen.


    With so many possible options, it seems difficult to get the perfect adaptation. I am sure we can all remember many of the book-to-film adaptations that bombed, leaving us all asking ‘what if?’ So what makes a successful book-to-film adaptation? It is simple, keep it faithful to the original, with the quality of the adaptation including just the right amount of action, suspense, emotions, and most importantly, it has to be well written.