When Casinos Tried With Video Games & Failed

Forget pulling slot machine levers or spinning Roulette wheels. Casinos may soon look like arcade floors, most trying to introduce video games to attract the younger audience. The idea here is that punters will enjoy various skill-based titles that are more immersive and have specialized themes.

Casino Games With A Video Game Style Over The Years

The intriguing thing about arcade games is that, unlike random slots, you get some control over the outcome. With this in mind, casino software providers have taken to developing products with a video game look and feel.

1. Casino Tournament Of Champions

Invented way back in 1995, this game showcases a casino floor with a range of games. There are 15 slots, 7 Poker variants, Roulette, and even Craps. Random Programming designed this game, and even with the advancement in technology, you can still access it, which is quite impressive.

2. Casino Tycoon

Casino Tycoon is a fantastic casino arcade game, released in 2001 by Cat Daddy. The game starts you small; from there, your mission is to become a tycoon through gambling. In short, it’s a business simulator only involving the gaming industry and has remained a casino fan favorite to date with its casino theme and video game graphics.

3. Casino, Inc

The goal in Hothouse’s Casino Inc is to build a casino and pack it with titles to attract gamers. Players can add slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and many more based on the crowd they want. They also have to hire staff to oversee the running of the establishment, making this one of the most interactive casino video games.

Successful Casino Arcade-Style Games – Fish Table Games

So, what exactly are fish table games? The short answer is, these are titles that feature the classic arcade-style shooter theme. Usually, casinos display them on screens mounted on foosball-like tables, and all players have to do is shoot at fish.

Each fish has a multiplier, so you’ll get a reward for every successful shot. The harder it is to catch a fish, the bigger its value. Among the most popular fish table games include:

  • Magical Ocean
  • Storm Dragon
  • Crab King 2
  • Poseidon’s Realm
  • Masters Of The Deep

You can play fish table games online from leading developers like Real Time Gaming and Betsoft. Their games include Fish Catch, Fishing Kingdom, and Fish Hunter.

How To Play Fish Table Games

Though they aren’t your typical slot machines, Fish Table Games are easy to play. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be winning big in no time.

  1. Deposit Funds: Load your account with the preferred amount for the gameplay session. While doing this, ensure you claim the bonuses, if any, to boost your bankroll.
  2. Select Your Bet: Different fish will have bet levels associated with them. You’ll find the different bet options on the screen, where you can pick the fish and load the game.
  3. Shoot: Once the game starts, shoot and catch as many fish as possible. Earning power-ups makes shooting easier, while bet multipliers work to increase your cannon’s strength.
  4. Collect Your Wins: The more bullets you fire at a fish, the more you’re likely to catch it. For every fish you take down, your balance increases.

Atari To Open An Online Casino In Decentraland

Since players made over 500% profits back in 2018, Decentraland’s popularity has only continued to gain traction. Having crypto as its means of exchange makes Decentraland universally accessible. And now, the metaverse gave Atari a 2-year lease on its land to create the first virtual casino district worldwide.

The casino, created in partnership with Decentral Games, will run on the Ethereum blockchain and have Atari-themed video games. Its currency will consist of Atari Non-fungible tokens, which players can wager to win big.

While Atari and Decentraland have said little more about this project, crypto fans have very high expectations. Some experts even deem it as the future of online gaming, predicting up to $400 million worth of bets to be made within its first two years.

Bridging the Age Gap With Arcade-Style Casino Games

Offering video game-style options for the younger generation to enjoy the thrills of classic casino gaming has been a trend for a long time. The few games we’ve outlined above go to prove this. After all, the millennial and gen-z populations are the future of the punter demographic.

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