How To Find The Best Online Casino For You

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  • Picking the perfect online casino platform isn’t quite the roulette (pun very much intended) it used to be. Once upon a time, online casino gaming was a lawless wasteland in which you were just as likely to lose your money as to win some, and that wasn’t because of house odds; it was down to poor security protocols and disreputable websites.

    Now, however, things look very different. Thanks to generally improving standards across the board and vastly increased competition, online casino platforms are stepping up their game in an effort to attract more players. That, however, means it can be hard to choose which one you want to play on. Here’s how you can pick the best online casino for you.

    Aim for high payout

    When you’re playing online casino games, it stands to reason that you should want to play for victory. That’s why it makes sense to look for the highest payout online casino you can find. That means checking game stats to make sure the RTP (return to player) value is high, and it means scouring each individual game to see what the payout rates are. After all, there’s no point in playing if you’re not playing to win, right? That’s what being an online casino gamer is all about.

    Look for game variety

    In addition to looking for the highest payout casino, it’s also important to make sure you’re playing at casinos that offer a high level of game variety. In many ways, this goes hand in hand with the highest payout casino games; after all, when you find lots of different games to check out, you’ll also be able to pick the one that has the best RTP and the most favourable odds for you. Look for casinos that offer old favourites and more obscure variants alike.

    Shop around

    It’s important to visit as many different online casino platforms as you possibly can. This will greatly help you to find the online casino with the highest payout percentage, but it will also be a boon when you’re searching for the casino with the best security protocols or the place with the best game variety. Never settle on the first option you come across, because you’re almost certainly missing out on myriad beginner bonuses, first-time customer offers, and more.

    Look for different withdrawal options

    It’s no good enjoying an online casino with the highest payout if you don’t have any options when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. Many countries around the world have restrictive gambling laws, so withdrawing winnings in certain currencies may not be a desirable option. It’s important to make sure the casino you’re playing at offers different currencies (or even PayPal or cryptocurrency!) to ensure you’re enjoying the highest-quality experience.

    Find an online casino with a well-known name

    In many cases, the highest percentage payout casino will also be the one with the best reputation. If a casino is good, and if it’s deserving of its reputation, then it will already have built up good word-of-mouth among customers, meaning that it will have plenty of open, even-handed reviews you can check out. Any casino that’s trying to hide its reputation or its public image probably has something to hide, so be very wary about this when you’re signing up to different sites.

    Pick a good software provider

    Reputable online casino sites will use good software providers with proven reputations in the industry. Providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt (or Net Entertainment), and Playtech are all big names to look out for, as pretty much all major casino platforms use these developers for their games. Creations by these developers are fair, even-handed, and well-crafted, leading to an online casino experience that you’ll want to return to. If you don’t see these names, you should question the veracity of the operator.

    Make sure the platform has good customer support

    Of all the places that bad customer support can be a serious detriment to your enjoyment, online casino gaming is perhaps one of the most severe. If something goes wrong – and even at the most reputable and well-liked providers, this can still happen – you want to know there are teams of people set up to help you with your problem in an efficient, calm, and friendly manner. That’s why good online casino providers will put their customer support credentials front and centre.

    Look for good mobile support

    Online casino gaming isn’t all just about desktop play nowadays. A great site also has optimisation in place for all kinds of different platforms, chief among them mobile and tablet. The desktop appearance of a site is, of course, important; many users are still using desktops or laptops, so a casino site has to look great for those users. However, still more customers are taking to smartphones to play their casino games, so if a site doesn’t have smartphone optimisation, it may not have its customers at the top of its priority list.

    Make sure you can contact the site

    This point is tangentially related to good customer service, but it’s not necessarily the same thing. A good casino platform will have its contact details front and centre. It’ll be obvious how to get in touch with them and which platform is preferable for doing so. Ideally, casino platforms will have easily accessible socials like Twitter and Facebook, as well as a prominently displayed Trustpilot rating so you can see that the site is reputable and not out to fleece you.