Five Things To Expect from Football Manager 22

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  • The latest version of the most popular football management simulation in the world is set to be released later this year when Sports Interactive release Football Manager 22.

    With leagues in more than 50 countries worldwide and over 2,500 clubs at every level it’s no wonder the game remains immensely popular with gamers.

    Here is what we can expect from FM 22:


    PC or Mac is usually the platform of choice for most players, but the game will also be available on handheld devices including Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

    Fans of online gambling who play the game on their desktop and laptop devices can also take advantage of the latest at the same time. Being able to play the game windowed allows players to do other things in the background – such as work, checking social media and even check out hints and tips online.

    Match Engine

    Originally debuting in the 2005 version, FM’s match engine received a huge overhaul last year but there still significant problems. One of the most frustrating things to see when watching your teams play was when your wingers didn’t pass to unmarked strikers and instead decide to cross. It didn’t appear to matter what role or instructions set either.

    Defenders’ defensive awareness on counter-attacks was also unrealistic in last year’s game. Likewise, long range shots look weak in the game and the conversion rate of one-on-one situations was below par.


    Over the years Football Manager has been behind the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer when it comes to licensing.

    In the most recent edition, 29 leagues across 14 countries were fully licensed for the game, which included Italy’s Serie A for all its clubs except Juventus, who appeared as Zebre. The German national team was not licensed, however, despite having been reintroduced in FM20.

    KNVB (“Team Holland”) also appeared in the last game, which hasn’t always been the case in the Football Manager series.

    English Premier League sides Leicester City and Southampton were both fully licensed in FM21 also.


    The media have been a big part of Football Manager for more than a decade, affecting your players’ and fans’ confidence in you. There is plenty of room for improvement here in the next release.

    For example, managers receiving the same questions time and time again before each match, whilst team talks could also do with a greater variety of options.

    Bigger reactions from your players and fans from these interactions would be a bonus.


    Last year saw a number of changes in the tactical department. From setting the defensive width, player’s body language after interactions and even being able to shout at your players from the sideline were some of the new additions.

    Although Sports Interactive have not yet confirmed any changes, with the game still around five months from its release, and whilst Football Manager already has the most in-depth tactical setup of any sports sim game you can expect new features in the next version.

    Set piece options are one thing that the developers have not put much focus into over the year.