Difference Between Casino Games and Arcade Games

Games have always been that part of our lives that bring amusement and take away our attention from the hectic pace of life. No matter whether they are physical games or video games, playing games always brings joy and happiness. It provides you more attention to detail and sharpens your mind. Games have always been the best way to cheer someone who is having a bad day. Even though in the world’s situation of the past year, people were not able to go out of their homes – so they kept themselves away from boredom by playing games online. There was a huge spike noticed in the traffic of casino game’s websites during this time. When we talk about traditional games, usually two main categories pop up, casino games and arcade games.

Casino Games and Arcade Games – Defined Logically

The main logic behind any game from both the categories – casino and arcade – is win and loss. There are some criteria or rules set that defines which actions in-game will end up in a result that you win, and which will result in your loss.

On winning you get a reward (points, voucher, cash, real-world thing), and on losing you might lose something of value (money, points, in-game lives). Pretty simple, right? This is the logic behind every single game, either that is a slot game or an arcade game.

Now the question arises, what’s the difference between classic casino games and arcade games. How are they related to gambling? Is it healthy to invest your time and money in these games? These are some crucial questions we should know about.

But before getting into them, let’s have a look at what casino games are actually and what games fall into the category of arcade games.

Casino Games

The games played in casinos are referred to as casino games. But is there any particular scenario in which we call a game, a casino game?

Yes, there is. In casino games, players gamble cash or casino chips on games that include randomness or luck, which depends very little on a person’s skill set. Casino games are further categorized into three categories:

  • Gaming machines

These are machines, usually slot and pachinko, that are placed on the floor of a casino, and a single-player plays on them. Games played on these machines do not require the assistance of an employee of the casino.

  • Table games

Unlike gaming machines, table games need multiple players to play. These players do not play against each other. In fact, they play against the house, i.e., casino.

Table games require the involvement of the casino employees to carry out the process, these employees are known as croupiers or dealers. Their main purpose is to smoothly conduct the game, distribute bets, and payouts. Blackjack and craps are common examples of table games.

  • Random number games

Random number games involve the selection of random numbers by guess and hoping you might win. This selection of random numbers is done on computerized random number generators or sometimes on gaming equipment. These games can be played at a table or can be played via purchasing paper tickets or cards, just like keno or bingo.

This is what you should know about casino games. Some casinos also combine the above 3 types, for instance, roulette. Roulette is a table game that involves random numbers, but it is conducted by a dealer. Other casino games are also played, like casinos host poker tournaments and games and let players compete against each other.

Online Casinos

Online casino games have also become popular games in the last decade and are played in the states where it is legally allowed. Those states have online casino gaming services that take full care of your gaming experience and make you feel like you are physically in a casino when you are actually in your own home.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are played on typical gaming machines which are usually placed in public places like malls, restaurants, bars, or amusement arcades. These coin-operated games are usually video games, pinball machines, and electro-mechanical games which mainly assess the skills of the players.

Arcade games and online arcade games both have the same objective, which is to test the skill level of the player. These games have a little luck or chance level, but they mostly depend on player’s skills, like PacMan or space invaders or puzzle games.

Arcade games start with a relatively easy level and as the game progresses the difficulty level keeps on increasing. The sole purpose is to reach a game-over state and to make the game addictive, so the player keeps coming back.

People play arcade games for fun purposes and entertainment. Some play to brag about their personal records. These are the games that capture your skill level and strengthen your brain’s sharpness too. Players have to make decisions in split seconds to pass the difficult level. These games surely get the heart pumping. Sometimes, a worldwide player with the best scores enters tournaments to decide the ultimate champions with a winning prize.

Why are arcade games dying?

Arcade games are becoming less and less popular as those games have come into our mobile phones now. Sometimes console and Xbox games are also referred to as arcade games.

Are console games arcade games?

We can call a console game arcade games if it has these attributes linked to it:

  • Instinctive and simple controls
  • Increasing difficult levels
  • Focuses on gameplay rather than its story

What are some popular arcade games played?

Here is a list of some of the popular games played in the world:

  • Space Invaders
  • Galaxian
  • Lunar Lander
  • Asteroids
  • Battlezone
  • Berzerk
  • Missile Command
  • Pac-Man

I bet you have played at least one of them, share your thoughts on which one was your favorite. We all loved playing them as kids. No doubt about that!

What is the Difference Between a Casino Game and an Arcade Game?

Now that we have made an understanding of what a casino game is and what an arcade game is, let’s see what the main difference is between these two. Usually, people think they are both the same, and yes, they are, as both have the same logic behind it – win and loss. But still, there are many things that are different about them. Let’s take a deeper look into that:


Arcade games usually focus on the skill level of the player. It aims toward complicated gameplay and difficulty levels increases as the game progresses. The main motive behind an arcade game is to hook the user’s attention and make them addictive so that they come back again. In order to gain that, these games include high scores, the highest level achieved, leaderboards, points system, and many other things to make it more competitive.


But on the other hand, slot gaming involves direct rewards in the form of real-world prizes like real money. For instance, if you bet at a $5 minimum deposit casino in Canada in 2021 and its reward is 100x, then you’ll get $500 on winning.


Another big difference between slot games and console arcade games is gambling, arguably. As we have maintained that casino games are straight-up gambling. There are not many skills involved. It is just luck and guesses.

But on the other hand, arcade games are about skills and concentration while also depending a little bit on luck. But this statement is a little controversial as some people believe that arcade gaming is also gambling.

Main Difference

We can say that this is the main difference between a casino game and an arcade game. One targets skills and the other is all about money and luck. In slot games, you can also get bonus cash as some best online casinos give you some free spin the reels once you sign up with a payment method. But arcade gaming is mainly meant for entertainment purposes and keeping the user’s attention.

Arcade gaming and gambling

The captivating reason behind casino games is that you believe that you’ll win the money eventually, so you keep on playing unless you win it, or you lose it all.

But if we look at traditional arcade gaming, there is no such incentive involved and it is all about entertainment. We can easily understand it by playing and observing that you are paying for a fun experience rather than expecting a reward back. But how these arcade games are being linked to gambling?

In order to attract more attention, these arcade arenas decided to gather the best players with the best scores to compete and set up a winning prize. These winning prizes included stuffed animals, tickets to events, or other valuable items. Now that there is an incentive to play for rather than just experience, arcade gaming touches the line of gambling.

But in my view, it will become actual gambling if it involves money and players only play with the intention of winning back more money as an incentive. This is how I perceive arcade gaming. Share your thoughts about how you feel about arcade gaming and gambling.

Which games to play – Play arcade games or gambling games?

Casino Games


Both games have their own advantages and disadvantages. Playing games like gambling games has the advantage that you may earn a reasonable profit with very little investment. But on the other hand, there is a chance you can lose it.


It feels good to win money but losing your lifetime deposits can have a bad effect too, such as addiction and depression. Underage gambling is also a critical issue provided that we have casino sites available on the internet.

Arcade Games


On the other hand, arcade gaming which is incredibly popular among kids doesn’t involve gambling and focuses on the gamer’s skills. This means that it polishes up the brain’s sharpness and attention to detail. The player’s reflexes also increase after this intense gameplay.


But it has its disadvantages too. Increased heartbeat and sweating can cause serious problems to player’s health. As these games are super addictive, gamers usually lose track of time, and it can affect both their jobs and studies. In short, excessive time spent in arcade gaming is just a waste of time and money and it shows that the player has fallen prey to the addictiveness of the game.

A word of advice

No matter which game you play, casino games or arcade games, control is the main thing. If you know how to manage your time and money, then you can play either of them. No excess amount should be spent on gambling and no extra time should be spent in arcade gaming. As long as everything stays under the radar of normal, it’ll be fine.

Excess of money spent on casino games or excess time spent on arcade games will haunt you up in the future. So, it is better to keep it under control before the situation escalates. If you think you have a gambling problem, consult the professionals – see a doctor or call on a gambling helpline. If you see that you are spending a vast amount of time in arcade gaming and it is affecting your job or your study, discuss it with a friend or a family member. Consult a psychiatrist to control the situation if it gets too out of hand, as students are commonly found to fell prey to arcade gaming addictiveness.


Casino games and arcade games are a beautiful prospect of our gaming industry. Now both these industries are falling down and seeing their descent as we enter the era of modern gaming with AR and VR. Arcade gaming is replaced with consoles and Xbox.

Traditional casinos are also being shifted online. The main reason behind it was time, but due to the recent changes, people have limited themselves at home and they have also switched almost exclusively to online casinos. These online casinos take only players’ personal data and send the incentive amount directly into the player’s account. These sites are working to increase the player’s casino experience as they can’t get out of the house.

Now when the world is moving on, it would be nice that we stay familiar with these types of entertainment providing games as they have served us well in the past century. We should know the back story of online arcade games and online casinos. I’ll leave you with that thought. Happy gaming!

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