Letter From the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – June 2021

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Thank you for joining us again this month! In case any you of were missing him, I want to give a massive shoutout to Stu Horvath for preparing this issue release and for being our featured cover artist. I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him. Speaking of, we’ve got some exciting things to celebrate in a few short months and I cannot wait for you all to see.

For June, our cover feature is by Matthew Brown, who reframes how we can think about space, both as place and as organism. In our next feature, Ruth Cassidy joins us to look forward at how the future is being represented through games. In our sponsored feature, I’m pleased say Ben Sailer is with us again to discuss Path of Kami, the debut game from Captilight Studios.

As for regular columnists we are packed as we’ve got a few names we haven’t seen in a bit! Noah Spring graciously joins us as he’s preparing to move halfway across the country. Harry Rabinowitz has two comics for us, I’ll definitely be checking out Séance Tea Party when I next get the chance. Oluwatayo Adewole packs our bags for South Africa. Amanda Hudgins is here again with another primer on the fanfiction community. Diego Arguello was sorely missed and I am glad to have him and his haunting way with words with us this issue. Deirdre Coyle stays far out west but trades the realism obsessed Red Dead Redemption II for the decidedly unimpressed with realism West of Loathing. Ben Sailer writes about an earlier space pioneer, Laika the dog. Matt Marrone tells us about his hyper-specific favorite genre, I’ll let you find out on your own. Yussef Cole delves into two tales of isolation and hostile environmental ambivalence. Finally, Rob Rich gives us his take on the most recent Resident Evil game.

See you all over at Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
June 15, 2021

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