5 Most popular GTA games of the entire series

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  • From reckless driving to crime sprees, we rate all the GTA games from the worst to the best of them all. Right from GTA 5’a continuous sprawl to Vice City’s neon lights; we have been gifted some of the best games of the past 2 decades from the Grand Theft Auto series. However, which of them can we say is the best? Going down memory lane, we’ve been able to knock over pedestrians in the process and come up with a list that comprises the best GTA games, ranked from the worst to the best.

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    Now, our interest lies in the main GTA series, and that means that handheld games and expansions are not included. Also included are GTA 1 and 2 which are very fascinating games in their own right, but they are all top down PS1 games that are way different from the later entries. The 3D open world formula that we know and love was established by GTA 3, so we have to start there. So, what we will be looking at in essence here are 5 major games, made up of Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 5, GTA 4, and GTA 3.

    It is also good to note that the worst game on the list, which is the GTA 3, is still an amazing game. The only reason it is placed there is because others are better than it. Having explained our qualification intrigues, it’s time to let you in on our world of game rating for the GTA series. Ranking them from the worst to the best, below are the best GTA games:

    GTA 3

    This game did a lot of things, including showing Rockstar the way forward. Apart from that, it also changed the perception of the industry on open world games. We’ve had sandboxes before, but we’ve not had one with the type of detailing that the liberty city came with. It is a place where you can drive around, doing side quests for hours, forgetting the entire main story or the plot of the game for the meantime. You can steal a taxi here and start picking up passengers or get hold of an ambulance and take patients to the hospital within a given time frame. You can even set places on fire, hijack the fire engines upon arrival, or even roam around throwing grenades at police cars – that was how our evening was spent.

    It has a wonky kind of shooting, as cars can explode by looking at them, with the missions confusing the players at some point. But these were teething problems for every open world addictive structure, which is still witnessed till date.

    GTA 4

    This game was made fun of for its story of self-seriousness, but the thing that captivated us most about the game is Niko’s journey from nothing to hotshots. There is a shift of tone from poignant to absurd, and we understand that, plus the fact that there was a mix of supposedly emotional cutscenes and open world chaos. Also, you are always pushed by your cousin Roman to come to the bowling alley with him. But we were pushed to an emotional attachment with Niko and made to care much about his tale by Rockstar. Right from the time he disembarked from the boat from Eastern Europe, he got us captivated by everything about his elusive search for the American dream, and that made all of us root for him.

    There is also a lot of the open world stuff for you to do, with a huge number of side quests to complete, weapons to master and cars to drive. In the GTA 4, you will notice a very huge step up from the physics and combat of Vice City. It is also a bit better than what GTA 5 offered in some way, and this made bringing mayhem a very huge fun, even when we’ve not talked about its two chunky expansions. Plus the lost and damned or even the ballad of Gay Tony, which are simply the things that gave us the best memories we have of GTA.

    GTA: Vice City

    The Vice City is summed up by one word; style. It is about a time and era that bests all other GTA games, and the recreation of Miami buzzes of the 1980 where the foundation of the series was developed by GTA 3 with life and color, means that Vice City destroyed a lot of personality. There was a feeling that the hot tempered Tommy Vercetti, voiced by Ray Liotta was a believable character, very loyal and intelligent. Because of this, you are easily captivated and immersed in his attempts and struggles to rid the city of its criminal underworld.

    There is a special plus for the city. Cars rammed against each other at junctions and rival gangs menacing the streets, and you could dip inside buildings like shopping malls, making it feel real. For those with the wherewithal on their bankroll, they can even purchase hotels, clubs and factories. With the amount of varieties of vehicles and weapons, plus the level of ambition in the missions, it stands a step above the GTA 3, plus it comes with one of the best soundtracks you can ever get in a video game. You can spend a lot of time listening to fever 105 and emotion 98.3 or even cruising in the phoenix muscle car.

    GTA 5

    This is where the excess of lavish and modern life is fully showcased. Set in a huge city of a lot of very nice people, who engage in things that are not very nice. Here, you can bring down a policeman with your small gun, rob the bank near you, steal a helicopter, destroy the headquarters of a social media network, and shoot down a plane like a sniper. All these makes it feel like the amazingly top level GTA that has been the desire of Rockstar for a very long time, making a huge turn on every single dial from the successors. You can do this either in first person or third person, getting close as you use a right hand hook to bring down a stranger, making a sweet sound with the thump of bone on bone.

    It’s difficult to love the protagonists of the game, but at least, they are three in number, and they come with their unique special abilities. If you are no longer comfortable racing supercars through franklin streets, you can simply roam the hills of the northern side of Los Santos by switching to Trevor. You can even get on with a golf game or the bashing of skulls. A world this ridiculous and rich will never get antiquated, and when you get the knack for a change of space, the best way to do it is with the ever evolving GTA online, where it will be possible for you to embody any character you wish to.

    GTA: San Andreas

    This is a masterpiece that stands the test of time. San Andreas tried to build on the elegance that Vice City was in all ramifications. First, it’s more than a triple of Vice City in size, and each city, which is a version of LA, Vegas and San Francisco for Rockstar, had something unique about it. Gangster and protagonist, Carl “CJ” Johnson did well in keeping the story on track, irrespective of the fact that the things you could do here are mostly absurd, ranging from top government bunker jetpack stealing, to casino robbery, and zooming away from the scene.

    The plot, as ambitious as it is, has no reservation in changing pace, and at some point, you will be picked from the streets of Los Santos and dropped on a hilly suburb in the center of the three cities. At this point, you move into stealing combine harvesters instead of robbing sports cars.

    The scene that we are very fond of is where you role play. San Andreas sometimes, seems like a life SIM where you could build abs and biceps at the gym so far as you took enough food to maintain the bulk. But when you eat too much, you become overweight. here also, you can get to the barbers, reveal your new body trim while on an evening outing, play pool with your friends or even enjoy some slam and dunk at the basketball court. The game also comes with an RPG-like statistics system for all vehicles, plus a different type of weapon that allows you to customize it more and more.

    This has been, and is still the best game to have come out of the GTA series.