Decentraland: A Virtual Reality Decentralized Blockchain Casino

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  • If you have a passion for blockchain technology and gaming, you will find decentralised online VR (Virtual Reality) platforms like Decentraland pretty exciting.

    What is Decentraland?

    Similar to Second Life, Decentraland is a decentralised virtual world that runs on blockchain technology. It uses cryptocurrency Ethereum to support the creation, development, hosting, and sales of virtual property. It allows you to purchase virtual property and then develop them as an online, virtual business.

    How Does Decentraland Work?

    Using the native currency MANA (which runs on Ethereum), you can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called LAND (a 10m x 10m area) in the Decentraland universe. There are a total of 90,000 parcels of LAND on the platform. You use them for trading your goods or services with others.

    Several blockchain companies have already purchased them and have created virtual galleries, casinos, and offices in Decentraland – SuperRare, MakerDAO, Rarible, Atari, Decentral Games, etc.

    Decentraland Key Features

    As a player, you must know some of the fundamental features of Decentraland.


    You can enter Decentraland only in a fully customisable avatar or virtual representation of yourself. You can choose an outfit for your avatar from hundreds of free outfits or spend MANA to purchase unique clothing items and create your personality. You get a Decentraland passport in it. It connects and records all your MANA and items to an Ethereum compatible wallet.


    You can become a builder if you buy a parcel of LAND in Decentraland. It allows you to add pre-built scenes or entire environments to the LAND without any coding. You can use it for games, applications, gambling services, creative 3D scenes, informative sites, or anything you like, even forest or villas.


    If you can’t build stuff and you don’t want to use the free items available, head over to the Decentraland marketplace and purchase anything you like for your avatar or spend MANA at VR Decentralized Blockchain Casinos.

    The Virtual Economy of Decentraland

    ERC-20 tokens – MANA

    They are fungible tokens, fully interchangeable with one another like any currency note. They have no individual characteristics. You can use it to buy items in Decentraland and even play at VR Casinos.

    ERC-721 tokens – LAND and Estate

    They are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are not interchangeable and have individual characteristics. You can use it to create stuff like your avatars, wearable items, and the unique parcels of land in Decntraland.

    Virtual Reality Decentralized Blockchain Casinos

    Like the casino strip in Las Vegas, Decentraland has various VR casinos in which you can play a variety of popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slot machines, etc. The only difference is, in Decentraland VR casinos operate on the Decentraland currency – MANA instead of accepting physical money. Sites like provide you with reviews of casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.


    If you are interested in exploring virtual casinos, check out Decentraland for various virtual gambling options. Read reviews of VR casinos and enjoy virtual gambling with cryptocurrencies.