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  • For every gamer, no matter whether you are a console or PC gamer or just enjoy all sorts of gaming entertainment; having your very own gaming room in the comfort of your own home is the ideal goal. The fantasies have taken over your imagination of creating your own space where your reality gets left outside the door and your gaming world begins. If the time has come where you have finally decided to treat yourself and get creative with your space to be able to have your own gaming room or space, there you have definitely come to the right place.

    We have put together a little guide on how to get started with conceptualizing and creating that ultimate gaming room you have always wanted. Remember, it doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg, especially when you are able to get creative and perhaps willing to get into some DIY activities to help personalize your gaming space. So let’s take a look at some of the things to consider and steps you can take to getting yourself closer to finally having that perfect game room.

    STEP ONE: Find your ideal room or space

    The first thing you need to do is to locate a room or space which you are able to transform. This could be a spare bedroom, a basement or attic, or even a garage which is currently being used as storage. The moment you find the ideal space to set your gaming room in, the easier it will be to determine what will fit and how you can go about creating that ideal gaming space. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a large room or space, it is all about getting creative and making it functional enough to work for you and give you that gaming space. Things to consider when choosing a space:

    • Is there enough ventilation or airflow? Because we all know how many hours will be spent in their gaming.
    • What type of walls is there? Is it brickwork? Are you able or allowed to paint the walls?
    • Are there any electrical points available?
    • Is there a reasonable amount of space to be able to at least put in the basics, if not more?

    The above are the start-up and most necessary things to look at when choosing your new gaming space.

    STEP TWO: Decide on your theme

    This is where you get to decide on what type of gaming room it is you have always wanted. Are you someone who enjoys console gaming or PC gaming? Or perhaps you enjoy the classics such as an arcade or tabletop games; either way now is the time to decide what it is you want in your gaming room. Consider the size of your room and then start mapping out where everything can go. You might want to look into buying some new equipment or games for your gaming room. Whether it be a new computer desk to set up your PC, speakers, and all the necessary gadgets you need, or if you are looking to create a fun entertainment gaming room by adding a cool skee ball machine which you can find at the selection here, or any of your favorite arcade games to enjoy when friends come over.

    STEP THREE: Start Customising

    Now that you know what type of gaming room you are looking to create, it is time to start customizing the room to suit your needs. You might want to paint the walls a color that works for you or creates the vibe you want while your gaming. A lot of gamers prefer playing in a darker room and tend to go with darker blues on the walls. Other gamers will prefer adding textured wallpaper to the walls to give it some depth and design. Then, take a look at the lighting. Do you need more lighting and if so, how will you bring it into the room? You can use lamps, battery-operated wall lights, or even LED UV backlights to create that ultimate gaming feels in your space. Another important thing to consider is if you want to or can add in a monitor or a projector and screen display of some sort.

    STEP FOUR: Getting Comfortable

    One of the most important things to consider as a gamer, especially one who plans on the console or PC gaming, is most definitely the seating. Being comfortable while spending hours on end gaming is of utmost importance for your posture. Also, if you plan on having friends over and have the capacity in terms of space, look into a seater couch to add to your awesome new gaming room, so you can enjoy socializing and sharing your space with friends too. For those PC gamers, choosing a desk chair is super important, and researching what aspects to consider when selecting a comfortable gaming desk chair would be beneficial. Don’t get discouraged at some of the prices of these items, especially if your budget is low – there are always creative ways to find the perfect gaming chair such as asking other gamer friends, looking up second-hand trade websites, or even Facebook marketplace; you never know what you might find.

    STEP FIVE: Let the games begin

    The moment you are done creating your perfect gaming room, step back and marvel at the fact that you finally have that ideal space to enter into your own virtual or gaming reality. Now all that is left to do is complete your setup, connect everything, bring in the furniture and let the games begin.

    If you are unsure of decorative styles or how to go about deciding on a theme for your gaming room, why not research online for some inspiration and see what other gamers have done, and figure out what you like, want and can do from there.