Portrait of Online Casino Gambler — The Classification of Players

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  • Casinos are a favorite pastime for gambling enthusiasts. The fascination for gambling has been around since ancient times, and over the years it has been the subject of research not only on the entertainment sphere, but also on the players. Most psychologists are still interested in things that motivate people’s interest in gambling online, and why it is so addictive for some and unacceptable for others. In this article, we are going to reveal the major categories of casino customers and explain their traits of character and goals when playing casino games.

    5 Types of People who Visit Online Gambling Sites

    We have collected the top 5 groups of players who regularly visit casinos online. We are sure gambling operators and developers rely on knowledge of gambler types to attract new customers and to build the right line of communication with regular customers. Players also have to be aware of such classification so as not to be deceived by rogue casinos. Let’s take a look at our online casino player guide.

    Casual Gamblers

    The most inconsistent category of gamblers. Such people do not seek gambling entertainment, the games themselves find these people. Casual players occasionally find online casinos due to external circumstances. For example, they face a profitable sign up bonus for new players, start playing video slots because they have nothing to do, visit casinos thanks to friends’ recommendations or go to a site with video slots via advertising link.

    This is the least involved type of gambler on a gaming website. Such players enter the game as easily as they leave. These people have no trouble stopping in time and are only a little disappointed when they lose. They are willing to pay for a high-quality service, and they consider a sudden win to be a bonus for a justified risk.


    These guys approach gambling as an elaborate and expensive pastime. They understand the principles of roulette, know how to play poker, and pay attention to the percentage of payout in gambling machines. Knowledge of mathematical models and a general understanding of random number theory enables them to wager rationally. They are loyal to their losses and attribute their winnings to the right strategy. Knowing the rules of the game and some tricky gambling points makes these players closer to the level of professionals.

    High-rollers & VIP Players

    People with a high position in society belong to this category of gamblers. They can afford to spend a large amount of money, so their stakes are much higher than average. They play for two reasons. Firstly, to further confirm their social status, and secondly, to have a good time. They are almost indifferent to victories and defeats but the winnings are great bonuses.

    Escapist Players

    When experiencing anxiety, depression, or other emotional distress, many people run away from their feelings. There is also a certain proportion of people for whom gambling is a kind of therapeutic experience rather than a euphoric one. However, do not confuse them with compulsive gamblers or addicted gamblers.

    They feel the urge to gamble when faced with emotional turbulence. They usually stop gambling as soon as they can sort out their emotional problems in another way. Because of their problems, these players are often unable to think soberly when playing online casino games and therefore tend to lose money.

    Gambling-Addicted Users

    These are gamblers with a psychological addiction to betting and casino games. They are obsessed with gambling online and spending all their money on slot machines and table games day in and out. Almost all thoughts and actions are focused on the playing process and the excitement that drives them to spend even more. Such a pathological addiction is a disease.

    Evidently, any addiction has to be beaten. Most casinos try to help such customers by limiting their betting or account activity. Customers with ludomania are better to ask for help from a therapist or organizations like Gamblers Anonymous, for instance.

    Why People Still Play Casino Games Today

    It is possible to distinguish the following main reasons that encourage players to visit online casino sites in 2021:

    • online gambling addiction (ludomania);
    • a way to make money (we are not sure this is the right method to earn a living);
    • entertainment & recreation;
    • the desire to check their skills;
    • to test hypotheses, strategies or to develop their own system.

    The “casual” player is quicker to fall for various promotions and other tricks of the marketers. But the regular visitor hates advertising and finds it annoying. If players just want to relax and have a good time at the casino, it is better not to distract them from this activity (of course, when gambling does not lead to addiction problems).


    We have described only the general characteristics of the players who come to online casino sites. They may vary depending on the features of a particular country and a human’s character and personality. And what is your type of player?