Main Stages and Useful Advice on Saving Relationships

All people need relationships with one special person. This very person is the one we love, trust, and need the most. All relationships are followed by ups and downs. There will always be time for love, as well as for some misunderstandings and confrontations. Couples try to overcome their problems differently. One of the clues to keeping your relationship healthy and strong is to assess the major stages. You can find lots of useful tips at

Most people underline the 5 stages of any relationship. Personal relationships are repeatable because they reappear in time. Even when you’re at the last 5th stage, you’ll return to the 1st stage. Therefore, it’s important to remember them for good to avoid possible complications. Make allowances for the following relationship stages:

  1. Interflow.
  2. Doubts.
  3. Disappointment.
  4. Decision.
  5. Honest Love.

We’ll review all these stages here below. We believe that you are aware of them all, but simply don’t understand them fully. Our clarifications and tips will help to manage the task excellently.

The Interflow

Firstly, you’ll definitely have to interflow or connect to one another. This stage is commonly very pleasant and positive. You notice the best traits of the partner and life seems to be cloudless. Many people claim they are the happiest ones in the entire world at that stage. We simply cannot live without our partner and want to devote every free minute to him/her. Everything is perfect and sex is passionate.

Nevertheless, you ought to be extremely cautious. People frequently miss some negative traits and habits of their partner. It may lead to severe complications in the long run. After some time passes and the initial passion is gone, people may realize they are entirely incompatible.

Tip: You should remain rational and realistic. It’s important to be true to yourself and mark all the things you don’t like about the partner. Your emotions are heightened and cannot be trusted entirely. You’re expected to recognize the drawbacks and be able to understand whether you can live with the person.


The second lap makes you think critically and logically. If you miss all the drawbacks of your partner during the first stage, you’ll definitely notice them this time. You’ll begin to ponder upon those negative aspects and regularly weigh them. Many people begin to doubt their choice. Your partner may notice that and may likewise think about whether both of you have the future together.

Tip: Make sure you’ve perfectly developed skills of managing conflicts because they step up at this point. Define how to lower the tension and get patient. If you face some problems, it doesn’t mean your love is over. All couples face misunderstandings and conflicts. If you do your best, you’ll keep your relationship alive.


This stage is almost entirely opposite to the stage of Interflow. Your brain begins to zero all the positive traits you’ve noticed in the beginning. All the negative traits step up and you may not like them. This stage is very dangerous for any relationship. Half of all couples commonly split during Disappointment because they cannot withstand the pressure. It comes from noticing the things they don’t like and the criticism from their second half.

Tip: Provide space for your partner. You should be very patient when this stage lasts. Instead of pushing the problems, leave them alone. Don’t remind them and give your partner some room to breathe. Both sides are supposed to calm down and unwind.


This period is the breaking point and is the most dangerous for the relationship. It’s overly emotional when all the emotions become stronger and you become vulnerable. People may leave homes for many hours, don’t talk to their partner, criticize more than deserved, etc. It’s called a Decision because you ought to decide whether you can live with the second half or there is no future for the two of you.

Tip: If you want to keep your relationship alive, you ought to communicate actively. You should leave out all your negative emotions and compile patience. It’s important to judge honestly without being prejudiced. You should talk calmly and openly. Discuss all the problems you have, explain what you don’t like, and listen to your beloved one. Find the compromises that will satisfy both sides. If one of the sides refuses to give in an inch, quit the relationship. Otherwise, you’ll have to lose the whole life.

Honest Love

The last lap in our love race is probably the most pleasant period in personal relationships. Couples have solved all their conflicts and are happy. You have room for discovering yourself, accepting all imperfections, satisfying your needs, etc.

Tip: Enjoy it to the fullest! It is the period when everything is clarified and both sides are satisfied.


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