Best Covenant For Each Class

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  • World of Warcraft is full of surprises and one such surprise you are going to discover when you reach the 60th level. Once you step at the 60 levels, you will be asked to surrender your allegiance towards one of the four zones or WoW Covenants.

    As you take the pledge of your loyalty, your character will be loaded with numerous benefits and perks. These exclusive perks and benefits surround the exceptional armor, mounts, and much more. With each having different perks and benefits, you need to make a wise decision while opting for your allegiance.

    The Ultimate List of Covenants

    World of Warcraft allows you to create characters that allow you to bring your fantasy into reality as it’s an RPG. When you choose any covenant, especially for the first time, do not try to look at a specific class or its meta. Rather, go with something that uncovers your interest. Considering the case of Shadowlands, when a character reaches level 60, there is a boost waiting for the future alts. Hence, it’s simple to get different characters for all the existing 4 options. Any alts created by you that have reached the 50th level will have the option to bypass the main campaign.

    From thereon, you can take your alts straight to the covenant and continue with the leveling process via the end-game content. Although, if it’s your first time and you need any leveling aid, try getting boosting services. Now, let’s check out the ultimate list of covenants.


    This covenant can be best described at Angelic Soul Guides. You might have met them in the initial add-ons. Don’t remember? Well, try to think about the Val’Kyr, these are the topmost echelon among the Kyrians. They spend their days in Bastion and have values including righteousness, humility, virtue, and service. Good players and healers would think it’s the best choice.

    Their exclusive ability is Summon Steward. It will help you call the steward and get the Phial of Serenity. It will help you restore 20% health and get rid of all the poisons, curses, and other diseases and injuries. Besides, the steward will help you get all the important amenities for straight 4 minutes.


    This covenant is for the people with robust strength in mind and body. They have their residence in Maldraxxus. However, they have the potential to protect Shadowlands from numerous external forces. They live on the philosophy of survival of the fittest, hence not a single weakling could be found around.

    Their exclusive strength is the Fleshcraft. According to this strength, they can create a defense out of bone and flesh within 4 sec. It can hold damage up to 20% of your total health for at least 2 minutes. The strength of the essence of the shield will increase by channeling it around a corpse to 50% of the highest health. It’s highly useful against husky enemies.

    Night Fae

    The covenant is the human form of nature that is profoundly known as the Shephards of the Cycle of Life and Death. They align with Kirian and further render the cycle of reincarnation and death that happens across all the aspects of nature. They are settled around Ardenweald, which is the representation of the Emerald Dream.

    Their strength is called Soulshape that allows them to transform into a Vulpin. It would help in teleporting 15 yds in the front and enhance the speed by 50%. Soulshape can be reactivated within a few seconds to use teleporting service again and again. It can hold for 12 seconds or for as long as you want until you are in a rest area. You can cast it instantly, and the cooldown would take place in 1.5 minutes.


    These are the covenants with a cruel, sadist personality that enjoy torturing weak people. When the time began, they were the rulers or the judges, but the infinite source of power wreaked their souls. The Venthyr rule over Revendreth, which is a gloomy Silvermoon with a gothic theme surrounded by soaring castles.

    Their exclusive strength is the Door of Shadows that allows them to stroll across the shadows and reach the targetted location. Their area range is 35yd, and it would take 1.5 sec to cast them. The duration for cooldown is 1 minute.

    Top Classes in Shadowlands

    There are various classes in Shadowlands. However, how do you know which one suits whom? Сheck this out:

    • The Kyrian: This one is suitable for Human Paladin, which is a class of Ancient Greek mythology theme. They have lores who easily get along with Kyrian ethos. The Kyrian ethos looks at the winged angels and takes the vow of protection.
    • The Necrolord: They match the requirements of the Orc Warrior as once the battle gets tough, they misunderstand Orcs of Orgimmar, hence becoming perfect for the Necrolord covenant. Their warrior status would certainly put the threat out of the Shadowlands.
    • The Night Fae: These covenants from Ardenweald are the ideal choice for the Night Elves class. As both live on the concepts of spirits and nature, they will allow the protectors of nature to pass through the Shadowlands. Being Druids, the Night Fae have a relationship with Night Elves through the Emerald Dream.
    • Venthyr: They work perfectly alongside Blood Elf Rogue that prioritizes addiction towards arcane magics, gorged via Sunwell’s drinking. These things create an evident link with the beings of Venthyr.

    Other than these classes, there are more popular options like Demon Hunter, Druid, and Hunter, among others. Considering Demon Hunter, generally, Venthyr or Kyrianer are suitable covenants. Other than this, Druids have a clear choice of Kyrianer. For Hunter, the Night Fae will be the obvious choice. Whichever covenant you choose, to simplify your game, opt to get boosting services and make your way to the covenant and class-based game quick and thrilling.