5 ways online casinos prospered during the pandemic

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  • The pandemic has had devastating consequences for businesses around the world, not least the gambling industry. Lockdowns, illness and store closure have all been damaging. Purely online casinos, on the other hand, have not only come out largely unscathed but in some cases even prospered during the crisis.

    #1 Physical premises closed

    Perhaps the largest boon for online casinos was the large-scale closure of physical venues. Restrictions varied from place to place, but bookmakers and high-street casinos often shut their doors. Some may never reopen them again, even when life returns to normal. Customers who might once have played a round of roulette or blackjack at their local casino turned to online gaming instead. This resulted in a surge of traffic to sites like royalvegascasino.com, which took up the slack from the flagging brick-and-mortar-based gambling industry.

    #2 People spent more time at home

    Working from home became the norm in many places. Although “office” hours remained the same, the commute to and from work was no longer a consideration, saving employees time. With fewer social opportunities available in the evening and at the weekend, people simply spent far more time at home than they usually would. As these individuals sought out new forms of entertainment, the convenience of online casinos suddenly seemed more attractive than ever.

    #3 Sports were canceled or limited

    Sports were another big victim of the pandemic. Those that weren’t outright canceled were forced behind closed doors. Customers who would previously place sports bets were suddenly left bereft. Those who actively maintained a gambling budget sought new ways to play. Evidence suggests that sports cancellations did encourage people through the doors of online casinos. Virtual sports benefited too, but many people turned to classic games like roulette, blackjack or poker to fill the space left by traditional sporting events.

    #4 Disposable income

    The consequences of lockdowns and struggling businesses meant that some were left severely out of pocket. For those who did remain working, though, there was less to spend money on. Restaurants closed or limited customer numbers, movie theaters imposed restrictions and even some non-essential stores shut their doors. This led many people to seek entertainment, and somewhere to spend their money, elsewhere. Individuals who would not usually visit an online casino dabbled, found the experience enjoyable and turned into repeat customers.

    #5 Schedules changed

    The pandemic didn’t just change how people worked and socialized, it shook up their schedules and changed the way lived. Humans are creatures of habit, but the pandemic changed this in ways that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years earlier. Working from home, staying in at the weekend and even changing shopping habits all gave people time in unexpected places. Even sleeping schedules changed during the pandemic. People found it much easier to fit online gaming into their new timetables. Visiting an online casino is a straightforward process. Many have apps and are fully optimized for mobile devices. Those who found that they had spare moments logged in for a quick game before returning to work.