How Has the Internet Changed Us and Our Habits?

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  • Internet is no more a luxury; it’s a necessity for living in the modern world. While the mobile phone is one gadget that has transformed our lives, the internet has revolutionized them. Life without the internet can even now seem unthinkable. Imagine how many businesses and employees would suffer if we suddenly lost our connectivity.

    The Internet had a humble beginning in 1983, with the internet consisting of several hundred research organizations and governments. The rest, as they say, is history. The smartphone, coupled with the internet, has brought the world to our fingertips.

    Here are two pieces of information that underline how widely the internet is used these days.

    • Every day, more than 27 million pieces of content are shared online.
    • More than 500 million tweets are posted on the net every day.

    These figures must have shown you how the internet has engulfed all spheres of our modern lives. So, let’s dig deeper into how it has changed us and our habits. More than a peek into history; it tells us what lies ahead.


    Phone calls and letters are passé these days, aren’t they? Instead, we connect with others through the internet these days. Things started with chat rooms and forums. Social networks and online communities took over with the advent of smartphones. Face-to-face communication still matters to us all, but we connect with a wide circle of people these days who may be strangers.


    No, you don’t need to visit shops these days to buy what you need. E-commerce sites like Amazon, or eBay, or other marketplaces have brought everything you want right in the comfort of your drawing room. Online shopping these days is like surfing channels on the TV. You can visit various shopping sites and check out what you want to purchase. You may compare prices on different sites and have the item delivered to your doorstep. Convenient, isn’t it?


    Traveling to a place is no more groping in the dark with the unknown. These days you can explore a place even before you land there. It has made planning so very convenient. There are various websites with information. You can always grab a discount on any site. What’s more, virtual reality gives you a full 3D experience of the place before you set foot there. Once you’ve reached there, you may avail of Uber for transfers, use Google Maps to locate places, and do much more on the net.

    Financial Activities

    You won’t need to visit your nearest bank branch anymore to carry out your banking activities. This was before the advent of online banking. Internet technology has brought about a sea change in the baking world. Not only can you simply check your balance online, but you may also transfer money or pay bills on your bank’s website or the app. The focus of the banks these days is not on money and products or anymore. It’s all about the customer experience online these days.

    The Price of Connectivity

    We all end up paying the price for the seamless connectivity we get to enjoy. And no, this price tag does not relate to the fees you pay to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). In addition to that, we sacrifice digital privacy in exchange for staying connected. Sadly, sometimes we do not even realize that our data ends up given to companies we have never heard of.

    You might already know that everything you post online can be abused. Be it by marketers and data brokers or by malicious individuals. Doxxing and stalking are a problem, and, unfortunately, the internet makes them more severe.

    While policymakers try to keep up with technology, it is not that easy. In many cases, regulations end up lagging behind. Thus, in many cases, users are left to fend for themselves. As a result, many services and apps that prioritize privacy and security online are booming. More and more people look for services that will respect their data.

    For instance, instead of WhatsApp, users might go for Signal. Replacing Google Chrome with another provider is also a popular way to evade the extensive tracking Google performs. As a cherry on top, netizens might then connect to VPN servers. What does this achieve? A VPN reroutes your information through a secure tunnel that no one can look into. It makes your connection and browsing much safer.


    Yes, the internet has brought about a sea change in our lives. The entire world is at our fingertips today. Be it mundane activities like banking or the latest in entertainment; the internet gives you ready access to all of it. Increasing dependence on the net has left us vulnerable to cybercrime. Please make sure that you surf the net safely by staying vigilant and ensuring that companies respect your privacy. Life without the internet is unthinkable today. Keep pace with the change and enjoy the convenience of the internet.