3 Key Elements For The Ultimate Fandom Wedding

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  • 2021 is predicted to be one of the busiest years for weddings, likely due to everyone being eager to return to in-person celebrations. But for those looking to have the ultimate geeky wedding theme, there’s no question that a lot of time will be needed for the planning process. From location to the small details, here’s how you can create an extraordinary fandom themed celebration, no matter what you choose.
    Setting the stage through the perfect location
    No matter what fandom theme you have in mind, location has the power to play a major part in your big day. Not only does the location play a prime role in the perfect photo op, but it can aid in setting the stage and letting others know what your wedding is all about — and it doesn’t have to be elaborate, either. For example, if you’re going for a Harry Potter theme, the perfect location could be something as simple as a hotel venue that has the right vibe and aesthetic, or even a dewy outdoor setting complete with fairy lights and the right color palette. On the other hand, there’s a lot of potential in going all out, and having a destination wedding in the UK at a venue such as the Highclere Castle could be the way to go.
    Small details make a huge difference
    In addition to the location itself, small, minute details also have a lot of power in tying together your wedding theme. For instance, if you’re planning a Star Wars theme, details such as millennium falcon shaped cookies, a themed cake topper, or even a Princess Leia inspired hairstyle for the bride are all worthy considerations. Even something as small as the rings themselves can hold a lot of potential in highlighting your chosen theme. For example, a dark blue sapphire ring (like Kate Middleton’s infamous engagement ring, which has inspired many a bride) is a great way to add to a Star Wars theme — especially if you’re looking to emulate the blue lightsabers typically carried by Jedi Guardians.
    The benefits of including cosplay
    Cosplay is yet another fantastic way to add to a fandom themed wedding, as it can bring a fun element to the big day for both the wedding party and the guests. Not only does cosplay present for the perfect photo opportunity, but it can also be a great immersive experience, and allow you to involve your guests in a unique way that makes them more of a part of the wedding — effectively setting your wedding apart from others. For example, having half of the guests show up as a villain and the other half dress as superheroes is a great way to emulate a Marvel theme. Whether you choose to only have the wedding party dress up or involve the guests as well, this is undoubtedly an element that no one in attendance will forget.
    While settling on a theme for your wedding is exciting, figuring out how to do it justice is a whole other story. Thankfully, through key elements like location and paying attention to the small details, you can effectively carry out the themed wedding of your dreams.