The Great Divide: Why Is PC Gaming Better Than A Console?

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  • There is one debate that divides console users across the globe. It is about what console is the best – PlayStation or Xbox? However, there is another take on this never-ending battle. Is PC gaming considered a better choice than playing on a console?

    This debate has been raging on for a while now between those in the gaming community. Some defend their favourite console, PlayStation or Xbox, but there is also an increasing number of people who defend PCs.

    2021 is an exciting time in the world of gaming. This is because of the number of games set to be released in the upcoming months, many of which have been pushed back from last year. Whilst there are a few games already released, this year has a few of the most highly anticipated games due to hit the market. Most of these games will be available on the newest generation of consoles. However, if PC gaming is your preferred choice, you are in luck as the vast majority of games out this year will be available on the PC.

    For those looking to get into gaming but are on the fence about which is better, here are a few reasons as to why PC gaming is better than a console.

    Choice Of Games

    Steam is one of, if not one of the most popular platforms in the gaming industry. It is home to countless video games, some exclusive to PCs and others that can be found on consoles too. Numerous video games are exclusive to one console or marketed as “Console Exclusive”. The catch is, many of these “Console Exclusive” games are available to play on the PC, as both Microsoft and Sony seem to share a mutual belief that the PC is neutral territory.

    Aside from Steam, PlayStation users can stream their favourite games, even the ones exclusive to Sony, on their PC through PlayStation Now. Whereas Xbox users can stream their most loved games on the PC through Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning that the options for PC gamers continue to expand.

    In addition to this, PCs have and are continuing to invest in the free game market. A quality that is admired by many gaming fans. The number of free games available is staggering, with many reporting which of these free PC games are the best. In the gaming world, many of the most loved and popular games out there are free to play. This option is not common with either console.

    Alongside free games, there are often regular sales occurring so you can purchase titles you desperately want to play at a more affordable price. Console games very rarely seem to lose their value, whereas PC titles are often cheaper due to the promotions on offer by online providers and platforms.

    Better Investment Choice

    Both Xbox and PlayStation have had their fair share of console generations. Between 5-8 years is when a new generation of theirs is released into the public. While it might seem you are only purchasing one console, you are not able to upgrade them like you can a PC.

    The initial upfront cost of a gaming PC is daunting, but there is room to update it and customise it to suit you and your gaming needs. Most budget gamers can run the same processor for up to six years, with the same graphics card for almost five years. Hardware such as power supplies, cases, RAM, hard drives and fans are considerably cheap to purchase.

    If you only upgrade parts of your PC when it is needed, you can be fine with a gaming PC for a long time. By staggering your updates, you will be spending either the same, sometimes less, than purchasing a new console every few years, or when the latest model is released.

    The Graphics Are Better

    The primary selling point for PC gaming is the graphics. This does not necessarily mean that the graphics provided by gaming consoles are bad. With PCs, you can use a graphics card to improve the resolution which is something that is not possible when using a console.

    Greater Chance At Succeeding

    Those who prefer to have a little bit of extra support when they play games, tend to search for hints, tips and cheats. PC gamers have more options available to them for cheats than those playing on a console.

    However, the only issue is if a game detects that you might be cheating they will ban you. So for those looking to use cheats on any of the games in 2021, will need to hide their HWID. The way to do this is through HWID Spoofers. There are a few options available for undetected HWID Spoofers for some of the games in 2021, which you can find if you click here.

    Seamless Interaction

    When purchasing a game for either a console or a PC, it will either be a physical copy or download from a gaming platform such as Steam. Although, this is one of the only similarities between the two. Due to the new technology that console manufacturers install in their products and services in time for new releases, it limits console gamers options.

    For example, console users might have a favourite title that they want to play, but it might not be available on the PlayStation 4 due to the different operating system. What this does is encourage gamers to purchase the latest console to play this new title. For the gamer, it costs more in the long run and hinders their user experience.

    PCs have kept the same operating system since their popularity soared in the early 2000s. As for what this means for PC gamers is that whatever title they have purchased, either online or in-store, they will be able to play it on their personal computer. Even if you were to keep your old device or upgrade it to a new one, you will still be able to play the games you have purchased in the past.