Your guide to online gambling in the United Kingdom

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  • The gambling industry has a enjoyed a long history in the United Kingdom and is currently one of the country’s biggest boom sectors.

    According to the latest figures from the UK Gambling Commission, the total gross gambling yield was £14.2 billion from April 2019 to March 2020.

    Around £5.7bn of that total was generated by online gambling, and experts have predicted that figure will continue to rise over the coming years.

    The use of offers similar to the ones listed at have undoubtedly played an integral role in the industry’s growth.

    Given the burgeoning popularity of online gambling in the UK, we take a closer look some of the key elements in the industry.

    Licensing & Regulation

    The UK is widely recognised for being a leader in gambling regulation, with the Gambling Commission responsible for overseeing the legislative aspect of the industry.

    There are currently moves underway to improve things even further, with the UKGC undertaking a stringent review of the 2005 Gambling Act.

    New guidance designed to reduce the risk of gambling harm has already been issued, with consumer protection at the forefront of the reasoning behind this.

    Greater transparency over bonuses and promotions along with enhanced controls over VIP schemes are also likely to implemented in the near future.

    These developments should give UK players confidence that their wagering activities are being conducted in a safe and secure environment.

    Online Gambling Sites

    The growth of the gambling industry during the 21st century has sparked a dramatic rise in the number of companies who operate online sites.

    Whether you enjoy sports betting or playing online casino games there are a wide range to choose from, and it is important to spend time studying which ones best suit your needs.

    Reputation is often an important consideration, with many people preferring to stick with well-established brands rather than signing-up with the new kids on the block.

    For many people their choice may come down to how well a gambling website has been designed and whether it works equally well on a mobile device.

    Ultimately, whichever site you choose, it is imperative to ensure that it is fully licensed and regulated to offer its services within your jurisdiction.

    Types of Online Gambling

    As we alluded to a little earlier, there are two main categories of online gambling undertaken in the UK – sports betting and casinos.

    Sports betting is a massive industry in its own right, with the likes of football, basketball, baseball, cricket and tennis attracting huge interest from punters throughout the year.

    Online casinos generally feature all the traditional games you would expect to find in land-based venues such as blackjack, roulette, slots and baccarat.

    Poker also falls under the casino umbrella, with the Texas Hold ‘em version of the game proving tremendously popular with people across the UK over the past few years.

    Bingo is another iconic game that has developed a strong presence on the internet in recent times, further strengthening the online gambling industry in the UK.