Horror Movies That Mess With Your Mind

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  • Horror movies are the creepiest genre of movies that you will ever come across. The movies are meant to evoke fear in you in a way that words cannot even begin to explain. And we have to admit that most of the movies that have been released under this genre have managed to do just that. And below we shall look at some of the creepiest horror movies that are not only scary but that have also have the reputation of being able to mess with your mind.

    Jacobs Ladder

    Jacobs Ladder is an iconic movie that has managed to mess with the minds of all the people who have watched. The movie focus on a post-war veteran and how he has troubles with dealing with the war trauma as well balancing his real life a well. He has hallucinations that get into the way of his daily life and manage to push him to the edge he also likes to play casino games for real money which can be very dangerous if you take all your money and gamble.

    Session 9

    Session 9 is a movie that focuses on a team of workers who are removing asbestos from an abandoned mental hospital. The locals from the area believe that the hospital is haunted and they naturally steer clear from it.

    As the asbestos team start they work, with each passing their curiosity about the hospital arises and one of those days, they come across one patient’s tape recording. And the more that they listen the more that the tape induces their fears and unlocks horrors of their own lives.

    Funny Games

    Don’t look at the name and think that it is a funny film, it is the exact opposite. In the film, we come across two sociopaths who come knocking on the door of an ordinary family of three, mon, a dad and a son. And then they play some of the most grotesque games on them. Each game getting more violent than the last. If you think that these horror movies are a bit too much for you, then it’s simply best that you play horror-themed crazy vegas games. They are less scary and they have real money to be won as well.


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