Horror Movies that Made the Most Noise

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  • There are a lot of scary movies that have been made in the Hollywood industry, and not all of them managed to make as much noise as the movies that we are about to list. Here is a rundown of horror movies that made the most noise upon their release. After watching these movies, do not forget to play horror themed online casinos slot to make the whole gaming process even more exciting.

    Final Destination

    This is one of the most watched and talked about horror movie of all time. Final Destination comes with plenty of sequels that are just as intriguing as the first movies that was released in 2000. A lot of memes have been concerning logs in a truck in the highway or getting an eye laser surgery. Four final destination movies were made and the last one was released in 2009. Hopefully, there will be a comeback soon.

    Wrong Turn

    There are horror movies that we still cannot get to watch even today that you can rather play casino game at https://www.bestcasinositesonline.com/casino-games/ . Wrong turn is definitely one of them. To prove that, 5 wrong turn movies were made with the latest one being released in January 2021. Getting lost while going on a trip is okay, the only problem comes when you end up going to one of the scariest destination ever and you will have to fight for your life as well. The 2021 version of the movie is nothing as compared to the old ones. These were the most talked about and scariest movies of their time.

    Get Out

    The fact that Kanye West claimed that the movie was about him during his run for president made it one of the most controversial movies. The movie managed to put Daniel Kuluuya on the map and he got to star in other big movies like Queen and Slim. Was Kanye West the real life Chris Washington while he was married to Kim Kardashian?