Horror Movies That Are a Tad Bit Funny

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  • Here are some movies that we are not sure on whether we should refer them to horror movies or just plain comedy movies. But, maybe the fact that someone ends up dying at the end of the day makes them deserve the title. After all, we have best casinos online comedy horror slots as well. For now, here are some Horror movies that will have you scared and laughing at the same time.

    Scary Movie

    The first Anna Faris Scary movie was released back in 2000. We must say, the movie was just a poor imitation and insult of all blonde women. It went on to try and bring out the jokes that blondes are quite dumb. In this case, this will only lead them to a near death experience and a long moment for people to actually take the blonde girl a lot more seriously.

    Jennifer’s Body

    The movie has one of the funniest mimics of demon possession. Jennifer’s Body is funny, sexy and scary as well. It is one of the first Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried movies. The movie focuses on two best friends, a nerd and the prom queen, who fall prey to demonic sacrifices. After the possession the community has to figure out how a lot of young men in the area are winding up dead.

    Happy Death Day

    Getting to wake up repeating the same day over and over may not be as fun as you think, especially if you have a scary demon following you around. But, for this young lady, this may just be one way that she can get to find out who her killer is. And, even though she gets to revaluate her life, it might be a little too late for all that because she is too focusing on leroi johnny games than her finding out the killer. But, as the movie progresses, you will get to find out why it may not be so scary after all.


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