5 Biggest Reasons and Advantages in Using a Cleaning Robot

How an Old Cartoon Show Inspired Modern Cleaning Robots

In many ways, The Jetsons, an animated show that first aired in 1962, was ahead of its time. It was there that people were introduced to the concepts of smart homes and watches, video conferencing, and cleaning robots, not to mention horrible bosses. If there’s one thing that the show made us realize, it’s the inevitable evolution of “fiction” turning into “facts” when given enough time.

From Rosie to Roomba

The Jetsons wouldn’t be complete without Rosie, the cleaning robot. In fact, the very first episode of the show was basically all about Rosie and what she does best — clean, cook dinner, help with just about everything, and clean some more.

Admittedly, iRobot co-founder Colin Angle personally views Rosie the Robot as the catalyst to the housekeeping robot movement that led to the birth of Roomba. Roomba was the first robot cleaner made by iRobot back in September 2002. Like how society has changed since the 60s, the Roomba has also undergone sweeping changes through the years.

Consider some:

  • The first generation Roomba can change direction when facing obstacles.
  • The second and third generations, starting with the 400 series, were equipped with a dock that charged the unit. It also serves as a home base that the Roomba sought after every cleaning session.
  • In 2007, additional features, such as an infrared sensor and several types of collection bins, were introduced.
  • The AeroVac Bin became the standard for all Roomba units from the fourth generation onwards. Wi-Fi connectivity was introduced in 2017.
  • The latest Roomba models called the S series employ an anti-allergen system, have 40 times the suction power of fourth-generation units, and a sophisticated navigation system. Some S-series models also have a “mop mode,” which can be set after it finishes the vacuuming process.

Do You Need a Rosie in Your Life?

We can talk all about robot vacuum and mops with incredible features and some serious technological feats associated with them, but the real money question is, do you need one? Worldwide, about 25 million people in the world thought so, but should you follow suit?

In one way or another, all of us are busy bees, but just because a cleaning robot saves a lot of time doesn’t mean you should buy one. After all, many of the latest versions cost as much as a cheap second-hand car.

Now, let’s say you have taken a look at this dilemma from multiple angles, and the budget is not much of an issue. Is a cleaning robot worth it? Well, most of us take immense pride and satisfaction in rolling up our sleeves and doing manual labor, cleaning and mopping floors included. Getting rid of those cakey stains and watching the floor look good as new is an exhilarating feeling.

However, effort notwithstanding, old-school cleaning takes a decent amount of time and a big logistical hassle. And did I mention how these conventional cleaning tools — mops, buckets, dustpans, brooms — take too much real estate?

For those reasons alone, investing in a robotic cleaner is worth every dime. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s examine more of the biggest advantages of using cleaning robots.

Reasons Why You Need a Robot Cleaner

1. Convenience and superior cleaning efficiency

Even people who love the concept of a clean home do not necessarily like cleaning rugs and scouring corners for dust. Guess what, that’s what robot cleaners are made for, and they have no problem showing it from the get-go!

And check this out: Technology has allowed robot cleaners to multitask. Newer models are capable of “mapping” or remembering the layout of your home, seamlessly shift cleaning modes from floors to carpets, and then go back and rest to its station after. Some robot cleaners could even handle big families, big dogs, and big messes with no problem all at the same time!

Does the idea of coming home every single day and stepping into ultra-clean floors and carpets appeal to you? Many of the newest models allow app integration that enables you to control the robots remotely. Isn’t that convenient?

2. It’s touch and go.

Do you own a professional cleaning service, or simply planning to buy a robot cleaner for home use? It doesn’t matter; anyone can use it literally with a touch of a button. No special training is required! All you have to do is put the device in an appropriate starting area on the floor, and it’s going to do its job.

3. It’s the ultimate space-saver.

For all the minimalist supporters out there, you don’t have to worry. Because of its disc-shaped design, robot cleaners like the Roomba can be stored in just about any tiny space it could fit in — whether that’s under the sofa, table, or bed. Of course, it’s that same UFO-shaped form that enables these robotic cleaners to clean up spots under the furniture and hard-to-reach areas. In this industry, that’s called form and function.

4. It’s a more economical solution for people with mobility issues.

If relatively healthy people could benefit from these wonderful devices, robot cleaners will tremendously help someone who is handicapped or elderly. Hiring house cleaners is a viable option, but it’s hardly a cost-efficient one.

5. Robots are fun!

Because, yes, why not? Cleaning robots represent a point in our existence that reminds us that we can come up with fun and effective solutions to our everyday problems. They won’t scratch your back as Rosie would for George, but it’s better than nothing at all.

Thanking Rosie

If not for Rosie, do we have a cleaning robot right now? Maybe, maybe not. Rosie provided the inspiration, but if there wasn’t one, we could have looked at things differently and still arrived at the destination on another route. Regardless, these robot cleaners are here, and from the looks of it, they are here to stay!


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