Evo 2021 Tournament Preview

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  • The EVO (short for Evolution) Championship Series is an annual Esports event held in the Las Vegas Valley since 2005. It’s an Esports event that is exclusive to fighting games such as Street Fighter. It initially started as a Street Fighter tournament, then moved on to other games as the tournament grew bigger.

    Evo 2020 was a planned annual tournament that was supposed to be held in Las Vegas in late July-early August 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that holding the physical event was impossible. At the same time, former EVO CEO Joey Cueller was accused of sexual abuse and misconduct in a high-profile scandal that made the future of the tournament unclear.

    A year later, the tournament is under new management and moved online for August 2021.

    Sony Joins the Party

    After the 2020 cancellation, the future of the long-running championship series was a bit up in the air. That’s until Sony arrived in early 2021, acquiring the rights to the EVO tournament together with a newly-formed company called RTS. RTS is an Esports startup under Endeavour. The two companies have merged to acquire EVO’s “assets and properties” which was followed with the immediate announcement of the EVO 2021.

    All future EVO events will be held as PlayStation events. RTS will be Sony’s partner in this one. EVO founders Tony and Tom Cannon will still be on key positions. Sony’s acquisition of the tournament is a major move for the Asian company that will surely drive the tournament to new heights.

    The tournament will be held in August 2021, spread over two weekends. It’ll kick off with the first one between August 6 and 8 with the second part held on August 13-15. The list of games includes a few new additions beside Street Fighter V. Players can now try their skills in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and Guilty Gear Strive.

    There’s still no word on the Super Smash Bros tournament following Sony’s buy-out. They’ve been a super-smash hit for the championship series, so we hope that Sony finds a way to include them in the following EVO tournaments.

    Excited for the Action

    After nearly a year of uncertainty, players and EVO fans are happy that the biggest fighting game tournament is finally back. Sony’s acquisition means great new things in the pipeline. Everyone’s excited to see what the video game giant does with the tournament, as it’s sure to introduce changes.

    With the new dates announced, bettors are already looking forward to EVO 2021. Bookmakers at sites such as https://www.online-betting.jp/have already ousted the odds even without the qualifiers being announced. That should happen soon, so the list of odds will surely be updated the moment it happens.

    The EVO 2021 will be the first time the tournament is held online. It will be a massive undertaking, but if anyone can do it, it’s Sony. Last year’s cancellation struck the gaming community hard, but we’re happy to see EVO back up and on its feet. Let’s hope for a great future under the new management.