8 Advantages of a GPU Dedicated Server

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  • GPU Dedicated Server is a server that offloads intense tasks to a GPU (graphical processing unit). The vastly identical structure of a GPU is preferable to work on several computations at the same time, enabling it to perform certain tasks quicker than a CPU (central processing unit) and assisting to increase the server’s overall performance.

    Here are 8 Advantages of a GPU Dedicated Server:

    Durable Performance: GPU servers come with several cores which assist to accelerate the pace of hosting applications on a GPU dedicated server. A typical GPU dedicated server begins with 700 cores and ranges up to 3000 cores. Hence GPU dedicated servers are mostly recommended to host applications like Crypto Currency, Machine learning, Big data, Gaming, etc.

    Big data: Apps associated with Big data need plenty of data processing all the time. GPU dedicated servers give a platform to make faster decision-making in business. By using GPU-based dedicated servers, a user can manage several algorithms and queries which can run in correspondence to estimate the data and it assists in solving the complicated problems.

    3D Processing: GPU dedicated servers are completely eligible to manage applications that need 3D processing. GPU dedicated servers have several cores that can support and increase the pace of processing the server.

    Analyzing the Data: GPU dedicated servers are well suited to manage an application that needs plenty of data analysis. GPU servers can process specific computing data and complicated mathematical problems efficiently. The feature of quick data analysis gives greater access to manage applications like machine learning and big data on GPU dedicated servers.

    Gaming Applications and Video Streaming: GPU dedicated server is suggested to manage applications related to video streaming and gaming. Game applications work excellently with GPU dedicated servers. Some GPU servers come with the benefit of SSD drives which enhances the application’s overall performance.

    VDI Applications: Due to the Covid 19 hit most of the major corporations in the world have switched to work from home. Hence the use of VDI applications is getting more significant. Businesses prefer to give a system to its employee where all the wanted software applications are pre-configured. GPU dedicated servers provide an excellent performance to manage VDI based applications like a Hosted Virtual Desktop.

    The capability of Power: GPU dedicated server spends less power as compared to CPU dedicated server which assists to save funds and are environment friendly.

    Extensive Scaling: GPU Dedicated server comes with an advantage where GPU card can be stored in a single server and several servers can be configured in a group. In such a situation customer get added memory cores which work along to process data at an extremely higher speed.

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