Twitter: back to basics for increased growth

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  • There are many social media platforms that have launched since MySpace, and only a select few have gone on to be the most used, one of them being Twitter. At the moment there are around 192 million daily users on Twitter, and it is the preferred choice of marketing for 67% of B2B businesses around the world.

    Of those accounts, many have realized great success using Twitter, and have been able to amass sizable followings, which is why so many people and businesses try to use Twitter to do the same. It is easier said than done though, and if you are new to Twitter, or are trying to do the same thing, you might have figured that out already.

    If you are looking to increase your growth on Twitter, here are a few basic tips to get you started.

    Don’t forget about influencers

    One of the first tips that you would read on many blogs would be “produce great content”, and even if you are doing that, it still might not be enough to get the ball rolling. There are many accounts on Twitter producing great content, the problem that they, and you, are having is getting noticed.

    In other words, this means that you need to improve your reach, and one of the best ways to do that is to use an influencer. There are many influencers on Twitter, mega influencers, macro-influencers, but the one you will want to use is a micro-influencer. This is because a micro-influencer will have around 5,000 – 60,000 followers; a perfect amount for a new account to borrow from. Another good way to get the ball rolling is to use a growth service like Twesocial to buy Twitter followers. Although it’s more of a service that will take over your account while you focus on creating content.

    These influencers will allow you to get a good amount of exposure and reach, without the response being overwhelming, which can happen if you are going from 3,000 followers to 10,000 in the space of a month.

    Tweet at appropriate times

    One of the most basic tips that you will receive, but one of the most important, is to post at appropriate times. This might seem a little counterintuitive because you are probably thinking that Twitter is global, so people will eventually see my Tweet, somewhere. However, you should first focus on your own audience and the engagement that you generate.

    In order to post at the right time, you will have to know a little bit more about your followers, specifically where they come from, since people live in different time zones and are active at different times. This is where analytics come into play, as they can help tremendously in figuring out where the bulk of your following is from, which can allow you to know exactly when to post, and when not to post.

    Don’t just use words

    Although Twitter has primarily been used for posting Tweets using only text since it was launched, the habits and preferences of people are changing, and since the launch of other social media platforms, only text can become quite boring. The good news is that Twitter allows you to post a variety of media, such as photos and videos.

    You should be looking to take full advantage of this since photos and videos generate far more engagement than just text, which will help your account to grow at a faster rate. Another thing to consider is that people use Twitter when they are bored, so you should be doing anything you can to keep them entertained and talking.

    Engaging means engagement

    One thing that many people forget is that Twitter is a social media platform, which will unfortunately require you to be social. This means that in order for you to get more followers, have more reach, engagement and traffic to your profile, you have to engage with other users.

    Having said that Twitter is a social platform, there are many ways in which you can start engaging with your fellow users to get more followers. You could reply to most comments on posts, being thankful for any positive feedback, reply to any direct messages that were sent to you, retweet posts from people in your niche or industry, or even just comment on others posts.

    Not only does this get your account out there for people to see, you will most definitely be creating engagement, which will only help to allow your account to grow.