The best VR games of 2021 – gambling included!

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  • VR headsets are a gadget that combines several simple functions designed to trick our brain and force it to believe that we are in another place. And the main thing here is the awareness of the reality of what is happening, the belief that we exist in another physical space.

    How does it work?

    Virtual reality glasses can be compatible with various devices: they can be connected to a personal computer, a smartphone\tablet or gaming consoles. VR headsets can also be self-contained. All of them have built-in lenses, a split screen, gyroscope, and controllers. Instead of a screen, there can be two separate displays with a viewing area of 100 degrees. These two screens (displays) create a stereoscopic effect.

    Tracking technology, which collects information from multiple sensors, allows us to establish where we are at the moment, so we can move freely in the selected virtual space. However, it is better to do this in a specially equipped room in which a person does not feel dizzy and have a lot of space for movement\interaction.

    Why we need this?

    Today, the process of immersion in virtual reality is used in many areas. The most popular is the entertainment industry (such as gaming and gambling). Currently, there are many places where you can experience a whole new thrill with the help of VR headset. But that is not all.

    In today’s world, VR technology is successfully used in medicine, architecture, tourism, gambling and staff training.

    However, in this article we will talk about the entertainment aspect of VR headsets – gaming and gambling. Let’s see how we can use virtual reality glasses to have fun, and what games the VR market already offers.

    What can you play with VR headset?

    Project Cars. Gameplay – control of the racing car, in which the participant must win a series of races on the previously selected car. Provided tracks of varying degrees of complexity, as well as different racing disciplines. The presence of points makes the race as authentic as possible.

    Dirt Rally. Another option for fans of auto racing. In this game, you can feel like the driver of a real rally car, and for a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the races are used not only VR headsets, but also the steering wheel. Among the rally games to date, this one is considered the best in the world, and the virtual racer has the opportunity to race on the most dangerous roads, squeezing out of his car maximum speed. The game gives a unique opportunity to get an exciting experience of rally racing!

    Various casino and gambling games. You can find many casino games on the best gambling site like Casinonic or various games on Steam platform with such a VR games as Caesars Palace, Five Stars Poker, Topnotch Australian online pokies and many others. The main advantage of gambling entertainment in VR is the opportunity to travel to the best places in the world with the best casino games with the most generous payouts!

    Island 359. If you like the Jurassic Park movie and its sequel, if you do not mind to meet with dinosaurs in their habitat and try to survive in it – this game is for you. It has all the trappings of an action-adventure game: dinosaurs are teeming on the island, and the player has to deal with them with a set of weapons, from firearms to ordinary knives. The player acts as a mercenary, who is rewarded for the killing of dinosaurs. But the main thing for the player is, of course, to survive!