Instagram: reasons to use it for your brand

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  • Are you looking for a new way to market your business or brand because traditional marketing has become too expensive and isn’t really worth it anymore? Have4 you thought about using social media to market your brand or business but aren’t too sure of the benefits it will have to offer?

    One of the most popular social media platforms among both businesses and just general users is Instagram. This is because it caters to such a wide demographic, and with so many different ways to post, there is bound to be something for everyone. So many different brands have decided to migrate from traditional marketing to make use of Instagram instead because it has so much more to offer the, and has also made them become far more successful than before. Big brands such as Nike and Starbuck are just a few of businesses who have hopped on to the trend of social media marketing.

    There are so many different reasons why your brand should be using it, and there is no reason not to be taking advantage of Instagram right now.

    There are influencers

    One of the biggest reasons that brands have started to make use of social media to promote themselves and their products or services is for the influencers and growth services. A social media influencer is someone who is essentially social media famous and has managed to grow their follow account incredibly large through doing something online or on their account that most likely has gone viral.

    Influencers are a great way to reach a large audience that you would never normally be able to reach on your own, and growth services like Growthoid allow you to get Instagram followers rather quickly. A great way to do this is by asking to collaborate with them or sponsor some of your products for them to review for their audience. It is almost guaranteed that if an influencer talks highly about your product, their audience will want to try it out for themselves, which will in turn lead to more growth for both your brand and your brands Instagram, account.

    A variety of ways to post

    Unlike other social media platforms, where you are limited to just one format of posting, Instagram has adapted elements from a whole lot of different social media platforms and incorporated them into their own app. This is why Instagram is such a versatile and well used app among everyone, because it caters to everyone. In the past Instagram was limited to just photos on a timeline or feed, but now the possibilities are endless from being able to post both videos and photos on your feed, in your stories, on reels, and even on IGTV to name a few.

    The great part about having multiple different areas in which to post on Instagram is that now you are not only no longer just limited to a specific audience but you can also most multiple times a day and not come across as overbearing or needy. You can push your name out there to reach as many people as possible.

    Engagement and relationship

    When it comes to social media marketing, one of the key elements to growth and success is meaningful engagement and creation of relationships. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to do this because there are so many different channels in which you can engage with you audience and they can engage with you.

    Engagement can happen through comments, likes, shares, saves, and even direct messages, and is one of the many great ways to get more Instagram followers. On top of this, you can have even more meaningful engagement through your stories by creating polls and questionnaires which will encourage even more people to interact with your brand. This kind of interaction will make you more noticeable.

    The users have money

    It is pointless to market to people who don’t have any money. Instagram users, although not all of they, have got money to spend on your products, especially if they are interested in them.

    After all your different marketing strategies, the end goal is to be able to increase your sales and Instagram will do just this by driving traffic to your website in the form of users who are able to purchase your products. Instagram is a place the shows off a specific lifestyle of glamour and lifestyle, and typically people who are looking at this kind of advertising can afford to get this kind of lifestyle or at least part of it through purchasing from your brand.