Types Of Jackpots In Online Casinos

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  • Jackpot slots offer several ways to play. Although the basic premise remains the same, there are different ways to play jackpots depending on the online casino’s content and the game itself. The most common slot variant is the Double Bonus. This type is commonly known for its standard prizes of playing cards and cash. The bet is not very difficult, and you can simply use any credit card and a small amount of money.

    The great thing about Double Bonus is that the only reward is the possibility of winning any prize. This way, the process is more similar to playing a video game than a slot game. Sour Match is a variation on Double Bonus. The first time you play this game, you must match two numbers or choose a multiplier.

    What are Fixed jackpots?

    An experienced player knows that these aren’t free wins; there are factors to consider and investment. The higher you wager, the better your chances of winning, but this does not guarantee that you can succeed every time. For example, some jackpots have more than 10 digits on the price, meaning if you continue to play for another half hour or two, you could likely have won the whole jackpot.

    While these types of jackpots have a huge prize pool, they often come with conditions as well. The higher the game’s jackpot, the bigger the investment is needed. This is due to the fact that the bonus is usually higher. For example, the Super Jackpot on the Jackpot Game at some online casinos has a guaranteed win of $50,000, but the player also has to invest $1,000.

    What are progressive jackpots?

    In the online gambling niche, casinos like 22bet are a reliable source of progressive jackpots in many different games such as poker, blackjack and slots. Online casinos are flooded with egalitarian slots, which are incredibly common. These games use fixed paylines of either 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 with bonuses every ten levels. Bonus numbers are usually paid in ascending order for the full payline, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prices increase when there is a limit, such as when there is a minimum bet.

    These can range from 10 bucks or more, although all progressive slots are reasonably priced. The players usually have a single spin at the start of a level. There is typically a jackpot wheel with many prizes that can be won with one spin. These jackpots come in two different types: wild and regular. Wild tables are the ones where you can win a prize, such as a large screen TV.

    How much real money can I win with a progressive jackpot?

    Progressive jackpots pay off each time a player cashes out. There are usually three basic themes with progressive jackpots.

    They are:

    1. Easy Jackpots: These are usually the smallest and are relatively easy to win. They have a fixed price and are paid out as you win, unlike the other categories.
    2. No Deposit Jackpots: These offer the chance to win cash at an online casino, but if you don’t play in the given time period, you will lose the money you’ve deposited.
    3. The Dragon Jackpot: This jackpot wins you the biggest sum of cash. It is guaranteed and can only be claimed by the player who has the highest score at the end of the contest period. When is a progressive jackpot paid out?

    Stages of progressive jackpots

    Every online casino will have the occasional bonus and jackpot games on offer. However, the following are the most popular and awarded jackpot games: The first jackpot game is called the progressive jackpot. Here the jackpot starts as small as $20, but when the player wins on it, the jackpot will increase, often to a huge number. The next step up on the progressive jackpot stage is called the ultra-progressive jackpot.

    With the super-progressive jackpot, the jackpot starts off at huge numbers and over time increases very gradually. In this jackpot stage, the player will have a chance to win as high as $500,000. The next tier on the progressive jackpot is called the flippers. This is often more popular than the super-progressive jackpot.

    Multiple Jackpots

    These include:

    • Single Jackpot: This is essentially the regular jackpot, except that it’s already known.
    • Big Jackpot: The big one, the largest of all the prizes a player can win, and certainly one of the most exciting. It’s been known to hit $3m and up, and only those playing can ever know if it’s hit or not. It is rare, though, that players will find themselves winning multiple jackpots unless an online casino player reveals a little known secret and you’re the lucky winner.
    • High Jackpot: A new type of jackpot, which is what it sounds like: a much bigger jackpot that is a while to hit. In fact, they are also a lot harder to hit.

    Mystery Jackpots

    A mystery slot is one that requires players to guess the current cash value and jackpot symbols before they have finished a row or column of symbols. It is another type of standard progressive jackpots, that can be found in big online casinos like for example casino 888. This game can only be played if the symbols in each row and column are correct and dealt with sequentially. There is no cost involved with playing a mystery slot, but the game aims to win the top prize (typically $25k or $35k).

    The chances of winning a mystery slot jackpot is a surprisingly high 84%. Free Spins Spin is the most popular form of free slot machine game and offers players the chance to play a free spin once per day. Players may also be able to play free spins multiple times in the same session, and the current value of the spins can be changed if players wish.

    Network Jackpots

    These are the main jackpots at online casinos. When anyone hits a jackpot, the casino ultimately pays out revenue. The jackpot on a network is the minimum jackpot. This can get quite low, but with the right games and right jackpot settings, this can be incredibly lucrative for players.

    Multi-Way Jackpots Multi-Way Jackpots work the same way network jackpots do but with additional features, which are beneficial to players. In multi-way jackpots, you play the main jackpot but can also win other jackpots throughout the game. This increases the fun and excitement factor for the player, as they play multiple jackpots and other jackpots, increasing the odds of winning in the process.

    Casino jackpots conclusion

    The most popular online casino game by far is online slots, and you will find virtually all of the largest jackpots have come from this genre. As the name suggests, the jackpot is a large prize that only needs to be hit once to win the whole pot. Only jackpots above the 1st level are a chance to win huge cash prizes.

    In general, these jackpots usually have 20x $200 betting values or 25x $50 betting values, and they’re $1 to hit. 2nd level The second level jackpots are smaller and require at least one jackpot above the 1st level to win. This is also the most well-known and famous stage of the online slots jackpot. Each 2nd level jackpot has a bonus structure attached to it that encourages the player to gamble and wager more.