Let’s Get Quizzical! 5 Fun Games to Play when you’re Bored

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  • The past year has kept us all trapped indoors feeling a little blue. Boredom, lack of money, and a lack of joy have hit us all hard. Forget your traditional board games – these require nothing but your imagination and a little creativity. Give these ideas a go to lighten up the day without breaking the bank. They also work well over Zoom – perfect for social distanced celebrations!

    1. Would you Rather

    This is a game with thousands of options! You can keep it family-friendly or raunch it up a little if you’re playing with friends. It’s a great icebreaker and helps you get to know those you’re playing with on a deeper level. You can get as creative as you like – keep it silly with questions such as ‘Would you rather have ten legs or ten arms?’ or ‘Would you rather have hair that grows a metre every day or no hair at all?’

    2. We’re going on a trip!

    This is a perfect game for a long car journey with the kids and is also fantastic for increasing memory Start with the sentence ‘We’re going on a trip and I am packing…’ list an item to pack, it can be typical for a vacation such as sunscreen, or pick something wild to try and throw your opponent’s off! The next person must repeat the first statement and then add on something they would pack. Whoever forgets the packing list first is the loser! For a less PG setting, this also makes a great drinking game, just remember the more you drink, the harder it gets!

    3. The Name Game

    Start by choosing a category, this could be anything from cities to fashion brands. The first person must say an item or thing within that category. For example, if the category is ‘Names’ the person may say ‘Michael’. The next person to play must follow the initial word with a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word. In this case, they could say ‘Lauren, Lucy or Lloyd’. Whoever repeats a name or takes longer than five seconds to answer, loses!

    4. Never Have I Ever

    This game is known for being a little risqué but there are plenty of family-friendly ways to play too. Think of something that you have never done before and say ‘Never have I ever’ followed by that thing. If someone else in the group has done it then they have to ‘fess up! This game guarantees that you’ll be learning about your peers in no time, which is why it is popular with college kids, new friends, and even workplace bonding days!

    1. 20 Questions

    Pick one person to think of an object, place, or person. Then the rest of the group must guess what they have chosen in only 20 questions. A game much more difficult than it sounds, try picking something obscure to really give your friends a brain workout!

    Have you played any of these games before? Drop your comments below and let us know which one is your favourite!