The Simpsons: 10 Hilarious Episodes About Gambling

Among other TV shows, the Simpsons have remained the most-watched cartoon in the 90s. And up till today, it has continued to be among the all-time TV shows for both adults and children. The best Simpsons episodes featured comedy activities that will make your belly laugh, as you watched the episodes. Whether you are a Portuguese gambler that plays on casinos online or any other casinos in Portugal because you have a thing for gambling. You should as well watch the Simpson gambling episodes to stay entertained.

However, that’s not all because most of the episodes are about gambling, which is something anyone wouldn’t want to miss. According to Martim Nabeiro here, as an expert in guest post topics, the below list of episodes comprises interesting gambling scenes that occur in the Simpsons show. The amazing thing about these episodes is the intense feeling of the family depending on luck to secure a win.

Here is the list of the Simpsons, 10 hilarious episodes about gambling:

Season 5, Episode 10 (Springfield)

The Simpsons gambling episode known as Springfield starts with the town of Springfield having a tough period as they faced an economic slump. However, in the race to turn this financial issue around, gambling is legalized, leading to every resident taking a new casino role. In the show, Homer becomes the blackjack dealer in Mr. Burns casino, while Marge is addicted to slots. The episode is all about gambling in casinos, with different guests appearing to turn the tides around.

Season 15, Episode 3 (The President Wore Pearls)

In this episode, Springfield elementary holds a casino fundraising event. During the Simpsons casino episode game, Homer scores big but in the effort of redeeming the winnings, he’s told that the winning can only be redeemed in form of a meal coupon. In the eyes of other students, they immediately understand that they can’t win real money in the ongoing casino game, which leads to a riot. Due to this, the student’s president Martin Prince was fired from his post leading to Lisa taking up the position by winning numerous votes in the next election.

Season 26, Episode 16 (Sky Police)

Due to the damage to the local church by the jetpack accident, Marge Simpson gambling addict, kicked in, with the idea of raising funds for the repairs. However, there wasn’t any option left, as they are left with the possibility of counting cards while playing at the local casino to secure a win. With the help of Homer, they managed to hit a jackpot, which later results in the casino owner holding him hostage with the demand that they return all the winnings. That’s not all because whether they made it alive or repaired the damaged church, you can only find out by watching the Simpson.

Season 1, Episode 8 (The Telltale Head)

Even though Bart is engrossed in betting on football, he still made the mistake of following the advice of Homer to gain popularity by removing the head of a statue. Even though he managed to remove the statue head, it didn’t take long before the action backfired, as the statue belongs to the loved-town founder and was in demand to be found. Bart manned up and returned the statue head, which made the villagers happy.

Season 27, Episode 7 (Lisa with an ‘S’ )

Homer and his friends Lenny, Carl, and Benny participated in poker games in the popular Moe’s bar. However, the fun and intense moment of gambling happened when Homer made a poker bet telling Lisa that if he wins, he will pay for her to enroll in the band camp, she always dreamt of going to. But surprisingly, he ended up losing a whopping $5k dollars. Even as at that, Homer tries all the possible means to get another money back by inviting Laney to dinner. Whether Homer gets the money back by borrowing from Laney is yet to be determined, once you watch this episode.

Season 24, Episode 4 (Gone Abie Gone)

In this episode, Homer is gambling the life of Lisa away. He decides to stake all the money including Lisa’s college funds as Lenny and Carl convince him that keeping money in banks is not safe, which results in a big loss.

Season 12, Episode 3 (Insane Clown Poppy)

In this episode, a clown known as Krusty meets his long-lost daughter Sophie. Bart and Sophie got along pretty well as the happy family began. However, it didn’t last for long as Krusty ended up losing the precious violin of Sophie in a poker game. Sophie sees this act as a betrayal, whether they will get back as a family again depends on Krusty’s ability to set things straight.

Season 21, Episode 11 (Million Dollar)

Maige and Homer were determined to attend a wedding. However, as the day of the wedding reached, Homer was trying to purchase a lottery ticket at the Kwik E-Mart store but there was a delay that led to him missing the wedding. But surprisingly Homer ended up winning over $1 million from the lottery ticket he bought.

Season 10, Episode 10 (Viva Ned Flanders)

In this episode, Homer noticed that his neighbor Ned Flanders is receiving a regular discount for a car wash. However, when he confronted him, Ned told Homer that he was over 60 years of age leading to the benefits. Homer convinces Ned to visit Las Vegas with him, where they end up marrying two waitresses, which they don’t remember what happened in the morning. Now, it’s left for Ned and Homer to figure out how to get back to their real lives.

Season 1, Episode 1 (Roasting on an Open Fire)

In this episode, Homer and Bart betted on a dog-racing track during Christmas eve and ended up losing all their money. However, they later adopted the greyhound that made them lose the bet often regarded as Santa’s Little Helper.


The Simpson TV show is very addictive and fun with lots of episodes portraying gambling in a fun manner that will keep you entertained as you watch.


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