What Is a Live Casino and How Do They Work?

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  • Some have always wondered how they can bring back old-fashioned gambling into the modern world. With online gambling becoming as popular as ever, many are left wondering what happens to the world of tables and dealers. This is where a Live Casino comes in and works its magic. The purpose of a Live Casino is to bring online players into a real table that is shot live through streaming. The event themselves take place in real casino venues. The difference being is that you will watch this casino from the comfort of your own home, playing with other players across the world who are watching it alongside you. You can find great examples from the best Canadian casino or from other places online. For now, we will show you how they work.

    As mentioned earlier, Live Casino is done entirely through a process called streaming. This involves placing a camera and broadcasting the footage on a live stream. It means that what you will be watching is what is happening right now. If the dealer waves to the camera, you will see them wave the second that they do it. Every decision the dealer makes, every action that is taken and every shift of the cards will all be shown on camera the moment they are happening.

    Erica Walter, a senior game reviewer at top-canadiancasinos.com, is a big fan of live casino games. “I enjoy both online slots and live casino games. It creates a different kind of thrill,” Erica comments.

    The whole operation is run by a considerable number of staff and employees. They will be those who are controlling the camera, those in charge of the set pieces, the background tech group who manage the feed being a tri-caster and most importantly, the dealers. Most casino tables will always have a host or hostess that will be in control of the game that is being played. In a Live Casino, you will be seeing them interact with you as you play. It will be as if you are talking to them in a face-to-face conversation.

    Naturally, you will not be seeing any other person other than the dealer. The main gimmick with a Live Casino is that it’s to make you feel immersed. To give off the impression that you will be playing in a real casino. Seeing anyone else on the screen will simply break that immersion. The point is to sell an experience like no other, something that may be inaccessible to those who cannot go to a real-life casino and what is to try the next possible solution.

    Going into more detail about the technology reveals its complexities. When it comes to the camera work, more than one will be operational. There will always be at least three different views of the table. There will be a shot of the table, the shot of the dealer and the table, and in some cases, a shot of where the bets are made. For example, a Roulette table will have a shot of the wheel, the table and the dealer. The tech group that works behind the scenes will decide which camera will be shown on the live feed. It may change periodically on a rotation.

    The other important tool is the GCU, also known as the Game Control Unit. This will be a device that is operated by the dealer. It will be small and easily concealed as not to break the player’s immersion when they see it on the table on the screen. The responsibility is to encode the video that is being broadcast. At their own will, a dealer can cut the feed if they wish it if something goes wrong. This gives the dealer a level of control over what is shown so that they are not completely helpless on a live camera if there is an issue.

    Dealers themselves will also have a monitor in front of them. The monitors will show the dealer exactly what the player sees on their screen. Dealers can use this information to keep track of the bets that are made more easily. It can help them analyze the player’s actions and to see if the players taking part are even online. It’s also an excellent safety measure to keep track of everyone’s activity.

    Of course, all of this communication is only possible thanks to the live chat feature. If you are playing against a dealer with automatic responses, it defeats the purpose of a live casino. The live chat allows the players and the dealer to communicate with each other. In blackjack, it means they know when to hit. In poker, it means they know when to fold. This communication is vital to selling the immersion as that is what it is all about to bring the real casino experience in the comfort of your own home. Place your bets, reveal your cards and enjoy peaceful gambling thanks to the improved technology brought to you by many supportive providers. You can thank the likes of Microgaming, Playtech and many more for making this kind of gaming possible.