The Best Casinos and How to Find Them

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  • So far, 2021 has not been the soothing balm we were all hoping it would be. February is always pretty bleak, but this year takes the cake. The pandemic continues to rage on, we seem to be in permanent lockdown mode, and don’t even get us started on the weather. By now, you’ve probably caught up on every TV series and movie on your must watch list, and you’ve probably tried your hand at baking sourdough bread (and failed). If you’re at the point where you’re seriously considering re-watching Lost, let us stop you right there. Shake it off. It’s time to start gaming.

    There are so many genres of online gaming that it is impossible not to find a game that you’ll enjoy. And gaming is way better for your brain than zoning out in front of the telly. Today, we’re going to talk about online casinos. Online casinos offer endless hours of entertainment, but the best part is that if you play smart, you could win yourself a decent chunk of change. We could all do with some extra cash in our pockets right now, right?

    Review Sites

    Finding the best online casinos is easier than you might think. All you need to do is click through to a decent review site and you’ll find hundreds of excellent recommendations. Choosing a veteran casino with a solid reputation is always a good way to go, but it can also be worth your while to sign up to a new casino. Sometimes, the bigger, more established casinos can feel too big and impersonal. In a fiercely competitive industry, new casinos need to work extremely hard to stand out. Not only do they tend to utilise the very latest technology in order to enhance their player’s gaming experience, but they also tend to offer generous welcome bonuses, rewarding loyalty programmes, and fast payouts.

    Online casinos come in a mind-blowing array of themes and layouts, so your choice will often come down to personal style. Casinos also work with a variety of software providers to be able to offer the best games. However, not all casinos work with the same software providers, so your choice of casino will also depend on the games that you want to play. The good news is that you’re allowed to sign up to more than one casino at a time, so you can try out a few before you pledge your loyalty.

    The Checklist

    The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a casino is that the best online casinos all feature the same building blocks. There is a set of solid criteria that you can look out for that will help you separate the dodgy sites from the legitimate gambling hubs. Here are the boxes that your chosen site needs to tick before you hand over any of your precious coins:


    You should only ever play at a licenced casino. The UK Gambling Commission is one of the strictest and most respected licensing boards. Look out for the UKGC logo that should be displayed (along with the licence info) at the bottom of the casino’s homepage. The Malta Gaming Authority, the Swedish Gambling Authority, and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission are also reputable licencing boards that monitor their casinos closely.


    Every site should be protected by the very latest in SSL encryption technology to ensure that your personal and financial data is kept safe. A serious casino should also have KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) procedures in place, which you will be required to complete prior to withdrawing any winnings.

    Payment Methods and Customer Service

    Only make financial transactions via a reputable payment provider. A good casino will have several payment options and offer fast payouts. We also recommend looking for a site with 24/7 customer service. Reach out to the customer service team with a few general questions before you sign up to test whether or not they are responsive and helpful.

    Software Providers

    A quick google search will reveal to you the best software providers in the business. Certain software providers stand head and shoulders above the rest for a number of reasons. Most importantly, their games are excellent. They are also regularly audited for fairness by independent auditors.


    For many players, it’s all about the bonus, which is fair enough. Who doesn’t like free money? However, you need to be smart about bonuses. You need to go through the terms and conditions of every bonus with a fine-tooth comb. Many casinos will offer what seems like a ridiculously generous bonus but then sting you with T&Cs that make it impossible to ever withdraw any winnings you make from using the bonus.

    That’s it. Go forth and conquer the slots, poker tables, blackjack games and roulette wheels. But set a strict gaming budget and walk away when the going’s good.