Finnish Online Casinos

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  • Gambling in Finland is a funny old game. The Finnish government legalised gambling in the 90s, but in an effort to control the industry the government chose a monopoly-based system. Only three government-controlled entities are allowed to run gambling enterprises, and only Finnish residents are allowed to gamble at Finnish casinos that are based in Finland. However, due to weirdly worded gambling laws, Finns are allowed to access and gamble at international online casinos. Many locals choose the international option because there tends to be a broader range of games and better bonuses. As a result, there are plenty of Finnish online casinos that offer their services to Finns but whose businesses are based in other countries, such as Malta or Gibraltar.

    What is a Finnish Online Casino?

    Finnish online casinos are casinos that cater to the Finnish market specifically. A Finnish player can play at any online casino they wish to play at, but they tend to prefer playing at casinos that speak their language. And when we say ‘speak their language’ we don’t just mean linguistically; we mean culturally too. Finns like to play with other Finns at casinos run by Finns. So why not simply stick to the government sanctioned casinos in Finland? Why venture into a territory where your consumer rights are not protected by Finnish law?

    Well, as previously mentioned, international Finnish casinos, like the ones from this page, offer better bonuses, bigger jackpots, and games from a much deeper pool of software providers. In other words, Finnish players are thirsty for better gaming action, and they’re willing to forego their Finnish consumer rights to get it.

    Are Finnish Online Casinos Legal?

    Don’t misunderstand us, the Finnish online casinos we’re talking about here are all fully licenced and legitimate online casinos. Finnish online casinos must abide by all the rules and regulations put in place by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (or whichever governing board issued the licence). If a player were to experience any issues with their casino, they would still be able to turn to the licencing board for help should they need to. It would just be a more tedious process due to the fact that said licencing board is located in a foreign country.

    A successful Finnish casino is usually made up of the following building blocks:

    Licence and Security

    A licence from a reputable government entity; the MGA, for example, or the UK Gambling Commission, or the Swedish Gambling Authority, and a robust security system are essential. A Finnish casino should be protected by SSL encryption technology, and the casino should make KYC and AML procedures a priority.

    Customer Support

    A dedicated customer support team made up of Finnish support agents. Finnish players place great importance on the idea that they can speak to someone in their own language whenever they have a problem.

    Finnish Language Games

    Live casino games that cater specifically to Finnish players. Again, language and culture are important factors here that can heavily affect a Finnish player’s gaming experience. And if Finnish players are willing to sit down at a live poker table and place huge bets, a Finnish casino must be willing to go the extra mile to accommodate them.

    Free Spins

    Plenty of free spins are a must if a casino wishes to appeal to the Finnish player. Finns love free spins; so much so that they would happily drop a casino for one that offered more of them. In fact, slot games that cater to Finns need to include plenty of free spin rounds if they want any chance of holding their attention.

    Generous Bonuses

    A generous welcome bonus will also go a long way toward attracting Finnish players. These bonuses should be easy to claim, and the wagering requirements should be easy to fulfil. Players also like to see rewarding loyalty programmes in place, and plenty of on-going promotions.

    Finnish Design

    The design of the website should appeal to the Finnish aesthetic. Finnish players don’t just want to play at an international site that has simply been translated into Finnish. Finns want to play at a casino that feels like home.

    Finnish Payment Options

    Online payment options are another hugely important factor – a deal breaker, in fact. If a Finnish casino doesn’t include payment options that allow Finnish players to make deposits and withdrawals from their own local bank, said casino is likely to fall flat on its face.

    The EU has been putting pressure on Finland to change their stance on gambling within Finland for some time now. Finland is the only country in the EU that has refused to change to an open-licencing system. Most Europeans (including many Finns) now believe that the advantages of an open-licencing system far outweigh the disadvantages. But will the Finnish government cave into the pressure? Only time will tell.