5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

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  • With millions of people connecting to the Internet each day, it’s no wonder that there are a number of weird and wonderful things you can place bets on these days. If you’re bored with placing bets on conventional sports, such as football, tennis and horse racing, then you might want to look into the following things if you fancy a change of scenery.

    1. The outcome of foreign lotteries

    Although in many cases you have to be a resident in a particular country to win the jackpot, you’ll still be able to bet on the numbers that come out at the end, where you’ll win a small fortune! It might not be the tens of millions that the lucky Lotto winner in that specific country would be taking home, but it’s certainly something.

    Despite that, there are a great number of people who get satisfaction from predicting the numbers that could appear. But realistically, if you’re wanting to land a few million pounds, then you’d probably be better off playing online slots that let you keep what you win as they tend to be the safest form of casino betting. It’s not quite the same experience, but the payouts rival those of well-known lotteries, if you hit a jackpot.

    2. Video games

    Competitive gaming is becoming more and more popular, particularly with an improvement in broadband speeds and advancements in video game technology. As such, it’s now more commonplace than ever to bet on competitively-played video games, much like placing bets on a real life game of football.

    Some of the games you’ll be able to bet on include, but are not limited to:

    • Counter-Strike
    • League of Legends
    • DOTA2
    • Overwatch
    • Street Fighter

    3. Significant world events

    There are several events that occur all around the world that you’ll be able to bet on. From the name of a royal baby to the date of an alien invasion, you’ll be able to predict a number of different things in order to pocket some cash, and many people have fun doing it.

    The events you’ll be able to bet on include, but are not limited to:

    • The date of Armageddon
    • If and when scientists will find alien life
    • The number of shortages the UK will experience post-Brexit, including the item that’ll run out first
    • Which celebrity couple will split up or divorce next
    • What will happen to a company’s stock price – will it rise or fall?
    • Who will win a certain TV series, such as Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent, Love Island etc
    • Royal baby details, including names, sex or the date of its birth
    • The date of the first alien invasion

    4. WWE matches

    Often considered to be a fake sport, you’ll still be able to bet on WWE matches, even if they aren’t happening in your home country. It often surprises people when they realise that bets can be placed on WWE matches, despite the fact that the outcome is decided in advance.

    Although they’ve tightened up the rules and regulations, ensuring that the outcome of such events aren’t leaked beforehand, there are still some instances where those details are released to the public, often by accident. However, it rarely happens these days, so the outcome is still anyone’s guess when it comes to betting on wrestling.

    5. Alternative sporting events

    There are some bizarre sports that can be betted on these days and often, not many people realise that they even exist. If you like the sound of any of them, then there’s always the option of watching them on the television or, if it’s a live spectator sport, you’ll be able to grab some tickets to go and watch it for yourself – soak up the ambience of unconventional, live sport.

    Some of the weird and wonderful sports you’ll be able to place bets on include:

    Spider fighting – two spiders are placed in a matchbox and they’re made to fight to the death. Although a cruel sport, it’s very popular in the Philippines.

    Wife carrying – this involves walking or running 100 metres with your wife on your back. It sounds simple, but you’ll have to overcome obstacles and wade through mud to get to the finish line. It’s most commonly played in England.

    Cornhole – quite simply, you’re required to throw small bags of corn through cardboard cutouts!

    Chess – very self-explanatory, chess is a very old, traditional board game involving two people, but you’ll still be able to place bets on it.

    Eating contests – you’ll be able to bet on a number of eating contests that are held all over the world. Often available to watch using a livestream, they make for entertaining viewing. From hotdogs to giant steaks, you’ll be sure to tune into a contest that you’ll find most enjoyable.

    Arm wrestling – a sport that’s often played in America, people will be able to bet on who will win the arm wrestle. Although there are a number of other countries, including the UK, who enjoy a spot of arm wrestling as well.

    Bandy – often confused with ice hockey, Bandy involves a sheet of ice, ice skates, sticks and helmets, so you can see why someone would mistake a game of Bandy for an ice hockey match. Funnily enough, it’s actually more similar to football, but played on ice.

    Each team contains 11 players with a playing surface that spans 110 yards. The goal is also a similar size, being seven feet high and eleven feet long. The team that scores the most goals in the given time is the winner – again, much like football.

    Harness racing – similar to horse racing, harness racing requires the jockey to sit in a two-wheeled wagon that’s fastened to the horse, allowing the wagon to be pulled behind the animal. Despite the hilarity of how it looks, the game itself is taken very seriously and bets on who the winner will be are conventionally taken.

    Quidditch – traditionally played on a flying broomstick, this version of Quidditch is played on foot, almost in the same way as rugby, only with a small stick in between the players’ legs (acting as the broomstick). Played mostly in the US, the Quidditch League formed there in 2010 and they have been playing the game ever since. They even hold an annual Quidditch World Cup tournament – considered to be something every Harry Potter lover should witness before they die.

    Reindeer racing – a self-explanatory sport, this works much the same as horse racing, only it’s played in a limited number of countries. As reindeer are more suited to the colder weather, only places with the right climate will be able to hold reindeer races. Scandinavia traditionally puts on reindeer races for people to spectate and bet on annually.

    Rock, paper, scissors – with a RPS Society currently in existence, it’s safe to say that rock, paper, scissors has become somewhat of a popular betting sport. Again, it’s not as popular in the UK, but the Unites States and other countries around the world have enjoyed the thrill and excitement of a rock, paper, scissors tournament and even placed a few bets on who they think the winner might be.

    No matter what it is, from the predictable to the downright bizarre, there’ll be a sport or an event that you can bet on. But, if you don’t want to place a bet, that’s fine too. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the weird and wonderful events that take place all around the world, often from the comfort of your own living room.