TV Shows that are also Slot Games

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  • Slot titles are among the typical casino games that one will come across as they play in any virtual gambling establishment. Titles in this category draw their inspiration from different sources for the advancement of gameplay and thematic purposes as well. Numerous games fall in this category, and beginners need a guide to help them choose the best slot game to pick the best title. Other than famous motion pictures, developers get inspiration for slots from literary works, fork lore, historical events, and memoirs.

    Slot developers explore a host of themes in the slots they bring to the market to interest a particular group of gamers. The various shows that they pick explore different subjects to ensure that people from all walks of life are catered to. Some titles are available in multiple variations as software developers in this industry may choose the same motion picture. In such instances OLBG suggests the gamer should evaluate other factors such as RTP and minimum wagering requirements before picking one to play. The TV shows they choose are among the famous ones that already have a following in different parts of the world. The motion pictures they select helps propel the popularity of the game as gamers want to interact with their favorite shows and characters. Here are some of the TV shows that are slot games.

    Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones is an HBO film that depicts the mythical land of Westeros and war among nine families. This is one of the popular releases from this network that drew attention from people from different countries. This series inspired the slot title that gamers will find in an array of virtual gaming sites. Besides being a motion picture, Game of Thrones is also a captivating slot title with a decent following. Microgaming and Aristocrat are the two providers with this title in online casinos. Aristocrat has two variations in the market; Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones 2. A gamer should review the features on the reels of each game and the bet sizes before picking the alternative to play. Seasoned gamers can decide based on the provider they prefer or the payout of the emblems on the reels.

    American Dad

    American Dad is a sitcom series that has been on TV since 2005. It has a sum of fifteen episodes and over 300 episodes, each addressing different issues within society. It is among the well-liked sitcoms globally. This, therefore, means that a decent number of the population will enjoy seeing the various characters in this series roll on the reels to reward them. It is a low-variance slot with an RTP of 96.01%. The game is playable on five reels and forty winning lines, giving players a thrilling gaming experience. This slot title is a creation of Playtech, one of the leading developers in the online gaming world. Games from this company are high quality with an assortment of bonus features that guarantee players substantial payouts. The images on the reel are similar to the characters in the show. The developer mimics the look and soundtrack of the TV show to engage fanatics with a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

    The Osbourne’s

    This is a reality TV program featuring the life of renowned heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family. The series aired on MTV between 2002 and 2005. It is a Microgaming game that has gained popularity for the time it has been available in virtual gaming establishments. It incorporates the theme of the Osbourne family, mainly the singer and his family members are also among the characters on the reels that players need to land at least three of a similar kind to win coins. It is a video slot with five reels and twenty bet ways. The maximum wager per spin for this title is 200 coins. Gamers can get a considerable payout when they land the jackpot prize that this game attracts. This title has bonuses that players can rely on to maximize their wins. The developers use rock music to enhance the subject they explore in the slot coupled with top-tier audio and visual effects to give the player a wholesome gaming experience.


    24 is an action-drama series that follows the life of counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. Since the premiere of the first episode in 2001, this TV show grew in popularity among the most-watched motion pictures of all time. People who love the movie will like the iSoftbet slot title available in different establishments that offer such games on the wide web. The background of the slot are stills of Jack in various actions, and this adds to the overall effect that this slot has on gamers. The soundtrack in the game is similar to the one in the show. Players are treated to the sound of the counter-terrorist agent shouting the occasional phrase as in the movie. This slot has five reels and ten winning lines. Gamers can choose to use the autoplay function, which allows them to preset the number of times the reels have to spin before they stop. Alternatively, they can choose to initiate the motion of the reels using the play button with every spin.

    Slot games are among the easiest to play online as well as land-based casinos. The titles in this category are all games of chance, and the player does not have to employ strategy to predict the outcome of the spins. It is essential for one to look at the return to player percentage before playing titles inspired by their favorite TV shows. The minimum and maximum bets that the player can place is another factor that must be considered. Bonus features are crucial in helping players maximize their wins. Before playing a title, the gamer ought to familiarize themself with the reward elements in the slot and the payouts.


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