10 Geeky, But Super Cool Gifts Out There

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  • We all have a geek or a nerd in our life. And nerds are anything but boring. Buying a suitable gift for them might be a challenge of its own because the chances are that they already have a collection of all the nerdy stuff and hottest technology-related items. So to buy a perfect gift for them, you need to think out of the box. And if you know what the correct gift items are for them, purchasing will be full of fun and an adventure in itself.

    Let’s discover some nerdy yet super cool gift ideas for geeks.

    1. Starlight Projector

    A starlight projector, also known as a home planetarium or a constellation projector, can be the perfect gift for your geeky friends. It is extremely easy to use. They just have to plug it in any power outlet, and within a moment, they can witness stars, planets, and galaxies move across the room around them.

    Starlight projector calms the mind and provides sound sleep. It will help your nerd to wind down from an exhausting day at school or college.

    They come with features like Alexa, Google, mobile application connectivity, 16.7 million Nebular cloud colors, sleep timer, quiet functioning, personalized music playlists, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and portability, making it a super cool gift item.

    2. DNA portrait

    What can be more personalized than your DNA or fingerprint portraits? DNA, Fingerprint, or Kiss portraits are the most unique and advanced forms of art. You can buy these from DNA11 as a gift for your geek friends. The process is entirely self-done and involves no pain at all. A DNA portrait kit is sent, including a cheek swab kit, easy-to-follow instructions, color sample swatches, and an envelope to send it back to them.

    3. Space Astronaut Pen

    Space Astronaut Pen is an excellent gift idea for any space lover that comes with a little history, making it all the more special. Imagine your friend’s reaction when you tell them that the same pen was taken to the moon in 1969.

    This kind of pen was first designed and finalized by Paul C. Fisher after the rigorous efforts of 2 years.

    Fisher’s space pen is the original pen, same in construction and design, used in NASA’s Apollo 7 Space Mission. This pen can be used to write at any angle, underwater or on wet surfaces or gravity-free vacuum of space and extreme temperature conditions. The pen’s design and construction haven’t changed in the last 36 years, making it iconic.

    4. Customized Clothes

    How does NASA plan a party? They plan-et!

    Imagine this hilarious pun written on your friend’s T-Shirt. Funny, Isn’t it? Customized Merchandises like T-shirts, socks, hoodies are simple, evergreen yet trendy gift ideas.

    For your geek friends, you can customize the clothes with mathematical formulas, their favorite sci-fi characters, quotes, or science puns.

    5. Virtual Laser keyboard

    Virtual Laser keyboard connects to a phone or PDA and projects a full-sized virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. With their fantastic graphics and detailed design, they look straight out of a science fiction movie. They are futuristic and probably the best gift for a tech-savvy person. It will turn their mobile phones into full-fledged computers or laptops. If your friend has bigger fingers and finds keyboards on their smartphones too small, this gift can be a lifesaver. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a virtual Mouse option as well.

    6. Star Wars Lightsaber Mug

    Agree or not, we all have a friend who is a Star Wars fanatic. We have a perfect gift idea for your Star War enthusiast friend. This ceramic mug is heat activated and features the 13 iconic lightsabers from the most popular franchise against the back black background. Once you add hot liquid like tea or coffee to it, the thermochromic ink used in printing will change, illuminating the colorful lightsabers.

    7. Telescope

    Telescopes are also a fantastic gift idea to provide stunning views of both lands and celestial objects like the moon, planets, galaxies, and star clusters. Who knows? Your nerd friend might be able to find a new galaxy or a star, and you can get all the credit for it.

    8. Marvel Laptop Skins

    With his iconic Iron Man suit and Jarvis, Tony Stark has his separate fan base among the geeks.

    That brings us to the Avengers-themed laptop skins. Mobile and laptop are favorite things for the nerds, and if you can add their favorite comic character to it, it will make it dearer for them.

    9. Moon Lamp

    With this spectacular moon lamp, gift recipients will be able to enjoy the beauty of the full moon every day regardless of the weather conditions outside. It is a 3D lunar lamp that has the characteristic pits and craters of the moon. This lamp is rechargeable and comes with adjustable brightness levels.

    10. Lego Space Sets

    These are building block sets from the toys giant Lego itself, which collaborates with NASA to make the right models. They have made various space models based on NASA’s real-time space missions like NASA Lunar Lander, International Space Station, Lego City Mars Research Settle, etc. The sets have puzzle pieces ranging from 200 to 500 pieces and provide an excellent building experience. Lego Life app contains easy-to-use building instructions and allows one to zoom, rotate and visualize their creations. Your friend’s sense of happiness and achievement upon completing the models will make your money spent worth it.


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