How Cultural Trends are Reshaping the World Around Us

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  • One of the only true constants in life is change. In our ever-unfolding universe everything is constantly evolving, shaped by primal forces and natural processes that guarantee that we will see an object go from one state to another as it is transformed over time. Just as we see evolution in the natural world, we also see it modeled in less tangible things like our behavior, culture and society. Like broad, powerful rivers that transform mountains into canyons, sweeping cultural trends reshape society and how humanity interacts with each other and the world around us.

    Sometimes change is ushered in by a gradual groundswell of interest in or acceptance of a new thing. Other times a quantum leap in technological development yields a sudden burst of new capabilities that are leveraged to inject massive change. In either case, humanity must adapt to all of the changes in the same way that the natural world responds to the forces that shape its appearance and form.

    Increased Access to Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana has come a long way from the dark days of fright films such as Reefer Madness in 1936. Originally entitled Tell Your Children, the film portrayed horrific events falsely associated with marijuana use. This cult classic was widely panned and voted one of the worst films ever made. Fortunately, sanity has prevailed and over the last decades medical marijuana has become legal in many states. Interest in medical marijuana has grown as many increased their focus on natural and plant-based remedies. Many around the world can benefit from MMJ, as it can provide much-needed relief from chronic conditions and pain. If you live in New Jersey you can get your medical marijuana card in just a few minutes as NJ residents can apply online and finalize their card without ever having to leave home.

    Showing Up the Joneses on Social Media

    In the past, it used to be about keeping up with the Joneses by buying a better house, better car, home furnishings and other new things. Now, with the advent of ubiquitous social media, it’s about showing up the Joneses with the latest posts bragging about your over-the-top celebration. Simple gatherings, like a child’s birthday party, have been turned into Instagrammable moments highlighting your opulent setting and ostentatious event. Social media is like a hungry beast always demanding your attention. The ping on your phone calls you to action and you respond like a programmed robot, afraid of missing out on a single moment of the endless feed. With social media driving our lives, we’ve moved from smaller marriage ceremonies to expensive destination weddings that cost a small fortune to set up and attend. Social media also birthed the slew of outrageous gender reveal parties that first appeared in the late 2000s.

    The Short Attention Span Society

    The TV remote sort of started it all. With the remote, we could quickly flip from channel to channel and that forever changed how we absorbed and interacted with content. We went from sitting through a show to changing channels frequently. Now, with social media, it’s estimated that our attention span is down to merely seconds. Vine videos were around six seconds long and TikTok offerings can be from one to sixty seconds. By time slicing our attention, social media has shrunk the human capacity to listen to and absorb deeper dialogues and nuanced discussions of issues critical to the continued development of an intelligent and positive society.