5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online & Grow Your Fanbase

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  • So, you have been passionate about music for long. One day you decided to pick up your instrument and create an audio track. You recorded the instruments and then the vocals. You used editing software to fix the pitch, play around with certain effects until you had something you thought was worth a listen. You showed it to your friends and they enjoyed the vibe of the track and asked you to get it online and promote it so that you can attract interested listeners and grow your fan base.

    So, you decided to try it and hit upload on all the social media platforms that you are active on. You got a bit of engagement but it wasn’t enough to get you the attention that your track deserves. You have tried promoting the track on SoundCloud and Spotify and learned about social media services.

    But a lot of other musicians are doing it as well. How can you stand out? Just looking for social media services on the best sites to buy Spotify plays will not directly help. You need to understand how the online world works and then formulate a strategy to get ahead of the crowd. We are here to suggest certain ways you can start upping your promotion game to attract more attention to your tracks and grow a fan base. So, let’s get into it.


    Understand Social Media

    Advertising has always been about showing people your product or service in a creative and attractive way to attract their attention so that they are interested in what you are selling and will possibly become your customer. In the 20th century, a good platform to advertise your products or services was the television.

    You could also use the newspaper as a medium to promote your brand or business. But all of those methods are kind of obsolete now as the new age is all about social media platforms. If you are looking to gain the attention of people worldwide then you have to use social media correctly.

    One thing that many businesses or brands forget is that people are not on social media to be sold things. They hate advertisements. They are there to have some fun. So, you have to understand this basic concept. If you can promote your music in an entertaining way then you can gain audiences. Many songs have become popular after people repeatedly made TikTok videos with that music in the background.

    Start a challenge with your music. Or you can make an interesting video to go with your music that people can enjoy. Whatever you do just remember that you have to promote stuff in a way that values people’s time. So, try to be creative and entertaining.


    Market Yourself As a Business

    The next tip is quite a good one. It comes from musicindustryhowto.com. This is a kind of tip which only musicians who have been in the scene long enough can give. If you look at the music industry you will understand that the fastest way to become popular and gain some cash for your stuff is to work with a label.

    But how do you attract business musicians? Well, you make yourself look like a profitable business to them. After all, they are in the industry to make a good profit and if you can show them that the stuff that you are creating could be a good business for them then they might be keener on taking a look at you.

    The main idea is that if you get the attention of the music business or musicians or people in the music business who are higher up than you then they can help you grow much quicker.

    This may be a much harder approach but if you try to gain the attention of the normal users and build your fan base one by one it is going to take a lot more time and effort and the result, in the end, might fall short of your goals. It is important to build your fan base. But if you are looking to get good growth and reach a wider audience you have to promote yourself as a business to people in the music industry.

    Focus On Creating Your Image

    You know what most people like more than movies, music, paintings etc.? They like the personalities who created those stuff. Avicii was adored by his fans for his personality. Of course, his music was great but his personality made him bigger than ever. Same goes for all the popstars of any generation.

    You have to be good at the stuff that you create but what makes a really popular artist is the personality he or she portrays in front of their fans. So, make it a rule to post stuff which is not directly related to your music.

    Show them stuff that goes in behind the scenes. Give them a look at your life. It is completely up to you what image you want to portray and how much personal stuff you want to share. Just remember that it should be relatable to your target audience and should give them a chance to connect with you.


    Be a Student of Your Art

    One of the best traits that you will find in a lot of top tier artists is that they are a student of the art. They are great learners. The only way to get good at something is to keep practising it and keep learning about it. So, how can this help you promote your music? Well, it will just make your stuff better.

    The more you understand how different musical elements work together the better your music will get. If you are working with your band you have to keep improving and bringing in new stuff while keeping the core of your music alive so that fans still have something to identify you with. Your fans will appreciate your growth and in the process, you will gain a lot of new fans.

    It will also stop your music from being static. Today’s generation has a shorter attention span when it comes to social media. So, if you keep repeating the same thing people will eventually get bored and move on. So, keep learning and getting better.



    Collaborating with other people in the music industry is one of the best ways to cross-promote. The person you are collaborating with will introduce you to their fanbase and you will do the same for them with your fan base.

    Also, music fans love to see collaborations. So, if your music is good and you find someone who has a similar taste and is willing to vibe with you then you should go ahead and collaborate with them. Just remember not to collaborate for the sake of promotion. Do it because you and the other artist enjoy what they are doing and would love to work together and make something entertaining.


    Hope we were able to give you some insights on how to build a fan base and promote your music online.

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