Why Smartphones Are The Future Of Online Casino Gaming

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  • It’s no overstatement to say that the smartphone completely changed the tech landscape. Now, more and more of us are dependent on our smartphones than ever before; we use them to communicate, to check the news, to maintain our financial health, and much, much more.

    The advent of the smartphone has transformed ancillary industries, too; anything tech-related is now geared towards the smartphone to a pretty extreme degree, and this, of course, includes the online casino gaming industry. Supposedly, around 74% of online casino players are using their phones to access online gaming platforms. Here’s why smartphones are only going to get more popular when it comes to online casino gaming.

    Smartphones are much more convenient

    Nobody wants to power on their laptop or desktop PC simply to play a few online casino games. It’s cumbersome and annoying, and you’re compromising on comfort (depending on your setup, of course). While it’s true that smartphones will never completely replace desktop PCs, in the online casino stakes, there’s simply no substitute for lounging on the sofa and enjoying a few games of blackjack or roulette without needing to move. This also goes for tablets; the screen is larger, but they’re so much more portable than laptops and PCs that they’re still a much more attractive option than a dedicated computer.

    You can pay right from your phone

    Many online casino platforms are set up to allow for online casino gaming phone payments. This circumvents the difficult and annoying process of setting up a bank account with a casino platform and putting in credentials you may be loath to hand over. In fact, many casino platforms allow you to pay your fees by tacking on a certain amount to your mobile phone bill each month. According to Austrian CasinoHEX guide this is arguably even more secure, as the companies won’t need any sensitive information from you whatsoever. They’ll simply add the amount you owe to your smartphone bill, which is an amount you would be paying anyway.

    Smartphones let you play on the go

    By casino gaming on your smartphone, you can play casino favourites like roulette, blackjack, and slots while you’re on the move. Many of us are travelling less thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, but eventually, regular travel will resume in some form or another. When that happens, we’re going to need entertainment, and that’s where our smartphones come in. We can simply fire up a casino platform and be playing a game for real money in minutes. This wouldn’t even be possible with other portable devices like laptops, which would need a power supply or a Wi-Fi connection (unless tethering, of course).

    Many online casino platforms have formatted smartphone pages

    Thanks to the miracle of responsive design, many online casino platforms will come complete with a site that’s optimised for mobile devices. Since so much of an online casino’s business is geared towards the smartphone market these days, every online casino operator is going to want to create a page that feels good to browse. If you come across a casino with a website that looks ugly or poorly made for mobile platforms, that could be a strong indicator that it’s not necessarily a reputable platform. After all, if the platform doesn’t have the customer first and foremost in mind when it comes to web design, where else are they shirking their duties?

    You can get dedicated casino apps

    If you’d rather not use your phone’s web browser to play casino games, that’s not a problem. Plenty of high-quality casino platforms will come complete with a dedicated app you can download. Since this has been developed specifically for the software you’re using, it will be significantly more responsive and well-optimised than even the most skilfully-designed webpage. If you don’t see your favourite casino provider in the list of apps on your Android or iOS device, then it might only be a matter of time until they create one and list it. There might even be a niche in the market for a catch-all casino app if you’re an app developer!

    Even budget smartphones will work great

    Thanks to the way Android – and, indeed, iOS – works, even if your smartphone didn’t cost a pretty penny, you’ll be able to play online casino games on your phone. This is because although web browsers are fairly demanding in terms of resources, the best low-budget phones are designed to handle tasks like web browsing and emails with ease. If your phone is the absolute bare minimum model, you may struggle a little with some games, but casino games don’t tend to be graphically intensive, so it’s unlikely even super low-cost phones will struggle with what casino platforms need to use your hardware to do.

    Smartphones let you multi-task while casino gaming

    Do you want to while away the hours with a good podcast? Got an album you’ve been meaning to listen to, but simply haven’t had the time? Why not play some blackjack, some poker, or some slots on your smartphone? Thanks to the fairly low-concentration nature of many online casino games, you won’t need to pay full attention each time the dice are rolled or the cards are dealt (although if you’re playing poker, we don’t recommend zoning out for too long!). This leaves you free to multitask while you play, which can be great fun and can help you get caught up on media you’ve had backlogged for a long time.