What Makes an Online Casino Game Safe and Secure?

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The typical gambling session of the past looked like this: you go to a casino (and lucky you are, if a there is one next to your house, not in another city), enter a crowded smoky room, and try to elbow to the poker table. Noise, cigarette smoke, and darkness fall down on your head and make you feel dizzy from the very first seconds. Such an atmosphere is not always inspiring.

Today, visiting a brick-and-mortar casino is no longer necessary. A gambler can easily find a safe online casino and play slots from the comfort of his home. While Internet casinos are great in many ways, there is a serious disadvantage that keeps gamblers’ minds alarmed. In physical casinos, you play for “real money” and get your prize at the same moment you win it. In online casinos, you have no idea if the website is legit – there is no 100% assurance that money you have spent is safe. How do these websites ensure your security and what are the measures they use? Let’s discuss.

SSL encryption

If you connect to the website without encryption, the information included in your request appears as a plain text. When the data is transferred from one server to another, anyone who has access to one of these servers can see it. This might be a server operator or an Internet thief willing to use your sensitive data to his own purposes. Hackers can get illegal access to servers and steal card data from users in a couple of moves.

A SSL protocol keeps your transactions safe and excludes fishing risks. Every secure online casino uses it to ensure safety of your deposits and withdrawals. You can check if a chosen casino has such encryption simply looking at the address in your browser. A secure connection is marked with a small lock before the URL. SSL protocol makes it impossible for any third parties to interpret and steal your sensitive data.


To operate legally, an online casino needs to have a license. Licenses allow gambling sites to:

  • Buy software from reputable developers;
  • Run an honest business;
  • Provide payment methods that allow customers to get their winnings safely and comfortably.

Licenses allow casinos to cooperate with major financial companies and professional software providers, which ensures your great experience and guaranteed payouts. Aussie Play casino no deposit bonus is an example of a great offer from licensed gambling website. Like most of the Australian gambling services, it is approved by Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority (CIGA). When choosing a casino, make sure to check if it operates legally and has a license from a governmental organization.

Auditors and regulators

Auditors and regulators are third parties usually controlled by the government and licensers. They check websites to ensure safe online gambling for users. Auditors look the way casinos treat funds and players. Their first task is to see if the slots and roulettes use algorithms that provide random results. They also check how a casino operates as a whole and ensure that there are no security flaws in the processes, mostly – withdrawals and deposits. Whenever you choose a casino, check if it has a seal of approval from an auditor. Such seals guarantee that all players have the same chance of winning and the most important – everybody will get their winnings for sure.

As for the regulators, they take care of security and legality of casinos. Not only they check different levels of safety at gambling sites, but also they examine if casinos accept players from particular regions. A casino should undergo regular checks in order to keep its license and comply with the rules.

Software providers

There is a number of well-known software providers that create high-quality “stuffing” for online slots and roulettes. Not only they ensure that a game looks and feels appealing, but also great software uses advanced algorithms. These algorithms ensure that the result of the playing session is fair and random. As a rule, such software packages are based on advanced and pretty complicated mathematical algorithms. Most of online slots use random number generator as the main operational algorithm. As the name suggests, it ensures random results whenever you spin the reel or turn the cards. To exclude any tampering of a random number generator, casinos also use SHA-3 hash algorithm. When choosing a gambling site, make sure to take a look at the providers’ list. If a casino cooperates with such giants as Playtech, Microgaming, or NetEnt – it is reputable.

What about casino apps?

Be careful when downloading a mobile application – check if it comes from a reputable site. Avoid downloading apps from unofficial or third-party websites, since these might be copies created to steal your data. Another crucial security measure for all mobile owners – never use your card information when using an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network. By playing casino outside of your house, you should connect to reputable networks or use the Internet of your mobile provider. Otherwise, third party could steal your data.


Now you know what are the security measures adapted by reputable and legit casino websites. To choose the safest online casino, make sure to mind such factors as SSL encryption, license, seal of approval from auditors, and software developers. The best casinos operate legally and therefore – they have nothing to hide from customers. Information that proves their reliability can be easily found on the official website.

While casinos do their best to keep you and your transactions safe, admit responsibility for your actions, as well. Check everything carefully and play safely! Good luck and happy gambling!


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