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What do you think are the most profitable industries of the last years? Well, don’t overload yourself with this question, because we have a universal answer. No matter the industry, be it finance or entertainment, fresh technologies are key for development and profit. Indeed, all of us have noticed the crucial switch – the world is going online, while everything gradually becomes augmented and virtual. So gaming trends are tightly connected to general technological trends we all have to witness.

Imagine yourself about 15 years ago. Have you suspected that the gaming experience would become as immersive as it is today? Nobody really thought that even casinos would go virtual. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite entertainments without leaving his/her room. One tap or click and you are already in the game. And, what is even more exciting, online casinos outstrip brick-and-mortar easily – they are more convenient and accessible. What else should we expect from the gaming industry in the upcoming years? Let’s speculate a bit.

We go digital, we go mobile

Modern mobile devices are powerful and affordable, so more and more users purchase them. As Statista claims, at the end of 2020, 44.9 percent of the world’s population owned smartphones. In addition, due to the amazing capacities of today’s smartphones, some people use them for most of their everyday operations. You can perform numerous actions on your phone, which is more convenient and portable than a stationary computer or laptop. Pretty much anything can be turned into a mobile app today, but games were already there even before the smartphones appeared (remember the Snake game on your old Nokia?).

Far gone are the times when mobile games were primitive and simple. Today, they can boast incredibly detailed graphics, smooth controls, and engaging gameplay. Even such hits as PUBG and Call of Duty have mobile versions today. As for the gambling industry, numerous casinos create apps for their customers to ensure that they can continue betting and playing wherever they are. If you thought that mobile screens are a restriction, we have news for you – it is rather an expansion. With a mobile application, customers can perform numerous actions easier and faster, while some casinos offer special bonuses for app users.

We want free or cheap games

One of the gaming market trends is providing people with great content for free or cheap. People want to enjoy the full versions of games without paying a single penny and the demand is pretty high. Of course, most of the popular titles offer limited versions of their games or encourage gamers to pay a very small fee for additional content. A similar trend exists in the world of gambling – $ 2 deposit casino allows gamers to start playing with a very small sum. In addition to a small deposit, companies provide their clients with nice bonuses to use, so they can enter the game without spending too much money. Cheap and free entertaining content became habitual in the era of the Internet, where tons of information and software can be downloaded. People are not very inspired by the idea of paying for something they can get for free.

We want AR and VR everywhere

Both video games and casinos strive to provide players with an immersive experience when all of their senses are used in a game. AR and VR are extremely popular today and this technology becomes more and more advanced. In the nearest future, it will be hard to distinguish between “real-life” and “digital” experiences. While modern technology already allows players to feel the digital textures of objects around, very soon we will start sensing virtual smells and feeling the digital temperature of the air. Fantastic!

We want to socialize

It seems like communication and connections are new values of modernity. Ask millennials about things they are proud of. We bet that you won’t hear that they are happy to own an expensive car or cottage house on the seashore (even though we live in the era of capitalism). Most youngsters value communication and meaningful connections with interesting people. That is why another gaming trend of today is interaction.

People play games and casinos not only because they want to entertain themselves. They are also seeking a community of like-minded people. They prefer socializing and supporting live contact with dealers at casinos or other gamers online. Live poker rooms, online chats, and voice chats will become even more popular in the upcoming year.

We want a new experience

With access to numerous products, people are already familiar with different ways to entertain themselves. Indeed, surprising and engaging an average player is not an easy task to accomplish. Another video games trend is remastering and mixing. Games now look like movies and movies feel like games. In the gambling industry, we can see numerous slots that use trends of music, cartoons, and other popular franchises. No wonder that they are the most popular among gamblers.


Modern gaming trends go far beyond 3D graphics and VR/AR solutions that are already parts of our world. To grasp the approaching future, we should also look at things modern societies lack. For instance, while the world goes digital, we start valuing interactions more than ever – we want to socialize and feel connections with others. That is why chats and video sessions will root into our gaming experience even more. Also, digital and real are pretty hard to split these days and mobile apps make it even more obvious. Most games develop advanced mobile versions and they are no less amazing than desktop ones. Cheapness and new experiences are also important for us today – these are the demands evoked by consumerist habits of the Internet era. We are pretty excited to see the future world of gaming and welcome you to keep an eye on it, too!

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There are two things Susan Wallace likes more than anything – writing and playing games. The author perceives gaming as a huge part of our life that can tell us a lot about our society and modernity as a whole. With a sociological interest and a real passion for playing, Susan strives to research the fundamental questions of gaming and share them with her audience.


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