How Movies Help Us Become Better Writers

Today’s directors and screenwriters have become superb storytellers mainly because they have watched the best and worst movies ever made. Through these experiences of visiting movie houses before becoming directors or screenwriters, it becomes very easy for them to structure scenes from novels.

As an aspiring writer – or even a seasoned one – you can improve your skills and become a better writer by watching more movies. You might wonder how movies can make you a better writer so let’s explore this further.

Your writing speed and descriptive abilities improve 

Since movies are generally constrained by several factors, they usually have shorter plots and take lesser time compared to other written works. Whenever writers watch movies, they usually pay more attention to inciting actions, climaxes, or how the main characters look.

They might even lose interest in some of the scenes. Watching films will help you come up with mental pictures and give you ideas, both of which will help improve your writing speed.

As you watch a movie, pay attention to every aspect of every scene. For example, how the actors look, the designs of the costumes, the time period, the different locations, and even the lighting can help you imagine and create more descriptive text. This practice hones your descriptive abilities so that you can engage your audiences each time.

Essay writing improves

Some movies come with a beautiful plot that are internationally acclaimed and loved by critics. They can easily be a part of your academic and you write beautiful essays and papers around them.

When you watch people in these movies a little closer than you normally do, from further away, from different angles, or from another time, you might see something in them that you haven’t seen before.

If you’re a writer who wants to improve your character development skill, doing this will be immensely helpful. By watching more movies, you will better grasp how to create more relatable and realistic characters. This is a valuable skill to master as a writer and if you find a beautiful movie to write about, you can use Writix, an astounding essay writing service UK where professional writers help you write even the most complex topics. Get in touch with them and get your essay or even other academic work that includes thesis, dissertation and term papers done at affordable prices.

Research becomes more fun 

Watching interviews, documentaries, and movies for students based on true events is far more interesting than going through articles or browsing through a library of books. As a writer, you need to remain engaged while watching. You must keep thinking. The fact is, around 99% of viewers disconnect completely while watching.

For movies to do their magic, you shouldn’t get disconnected. Create a list of questions that you will answer after watching. Jot down notes and analyze everything that happens on the screen. Think like a writer while watching a movie, whether you plan to write a book, an article for a website or a screenplay. Remember that you’re purpose for watching is to research.

Movies inspire us to come up with better ideas

This is especially applicable to visual learners. Writing always starts with a concept and when you combine different concepts, you will create something more original. Today, movies come in various genres that provide different types of information about plots and characters.

Through movies, you can get more concepts about what you need to write about. The insights you get from films will help you gain new writing techniques that you might not have realized if you stick with your area of specialization.

Enhanced knowledge and accuracy

Watching movies makes it possible to learn how to use a camera in various scenes. As a writer, if you have paid attention to these camera techniques, you can visualize scenes easily while writing.

In films, it’s easy to make variations in scenes using vivid descriptions of the times and reasons for these changes. By paying attention when watching movies, you can become more descriptive while providing accurate guidance to your readers when you make changes too.


Aside from entertaining you, movies will also teach you valuable things. Through them, you learn how to make emotional connections with your readers in the same way that the films make emotional connections with you. This happens by teaching you how to be more reflective. Movies also help you “feel life.” Whenever a movie affects you emotionally, you become more capable of visualizing the precious moments of life in your mind before writing about them.

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