Can You Boost Your Slot Winnings?

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  • Slots are easily one of the most popular types of games out there. Because of their popularity, people tend to stick with them when they visit online casinos, which has prompted us to ask a rather logical question – is there a way for ordinary players to boost their slot winnings?

    CasinoBonusesFinder team has set out to study the slot gameplay under the guidance of Tony Sloterman, product owner at CBF . We have arrived at some interesting conclusions and we do believe that there are ways for you to optimize your winning potential when it comes to slot winnings.

    Here are some tips and proven pieces of advice to follow in the hopes of bettering your own chances of slot success.

    1. Play the Games with the Highest Return

    The first thing you should do to guarantee yourself a slightly better return on your favorite slot games is to focus on the games with the highest theoretical return. Most titles today offer at least 96.25% in theoretical return, but here is the kicker.

    There are games that will actually come with 97.01% or more in possible returns, and these are often the games you want to try first. Of course, volatility is also a consideration, so keep that in mind.

    2. Bet Small Amounts

    To boost your winnings at slots, you want to make the most out of your current budget. That is why you want to make sure you are betting smaller amounts then burning through your bankroll.

    Starting small will allow you to experience the game you enjoy and see how to best trigger its winning conditions. Of course, it’s all dependent on chance, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it.

    3. Focus on Mid Volatility

    Volatility is important, especially if you are new to casinos and haven’t brought too much money with you. This is not an issue because you can focus on low-to-mid volatility games and boost the frequency with which you win.

    The payouts will be smaller than high volatility games, but worthwhile and a great way to keep your bankroll healthy.

    4. Don’t Underestimate Bonuses

    Picking a free spins or no deposit bonus can be a great way to build your bankroll. Do not underestimate slot bonuses and opt for the available freebies .

    5. Opt for Games with Many Bonuses

    You want to make the most out of your experience. That is why games such as Book of Dead and Jack and the Beanstalk, for example, are a fantastic option. Why? Because they come with plenty of top-notch features that offer free spins and features that continuously add to your bankroll without requesting a payment first.

    In our experience, there are ways to increase your slot winnings. However, you won’t be able to do so for every game you play. Rather, our team has concluded that you need to be a little picky with the slots you opt for.