Student Games: Top 5 Games from Google Play

Games make learning easier, engaging, and entertaining. It is also one of the ways to make the content memorable. Google Play Store has some of the best educational games for students at different grades. You can also get research paper writers to handle your assignments and give you an enjoyable college experience.

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The choice of games on Google Play Store will depend on the area of study and the concepts you would like to learn while you play. Luckily, the platform has one of the most diverse game selections for students of all grades. Here are captivating student games to choose from.

  1. Word Puzzles

Word puzzles target prowess in the English language. The student fills spaces with words and letters that will sharpen his knowledge of the language. The games are crucial because of the central role played by language in the learning process. A student who understands language well will find it easier to comprehend other subjects.

  1. Treasure Hunt

The games target strategy and critical thinking. There is a range of games based on the treasure hunt model. The games require the student to develop a strategy, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies. The games are meant for entertainment but will indirectly turn the student into a critical thinker.

Treasure hunt and conquest games can be played alone or alongside friends. It, therefore, offers a chance to socialize as well as learn a few tricks. The games come in multiple levels, helping students of different grades to play.

  1. Math Games

Solving math questions and puzzles is both enjoyable as well as instructing. It is a lesson on critical thinking and will make it fun to learn math concepts like algebra. These games are designed for different study levels.

  1. Exploration Games

Exploration games can be treasure hunt or conquest in nature. They rank among the best student games because they combine entertainment with education. They may be based on mythical characters or historical events, among other ideas.

  1. Language Games

They come in the form of puzzles and may involve multiple players. You will learn new words and also use the words to solve puzzles. As you solve more language puzzles, new levels will emerge. The level of difficulty will depend on your grade.

The choice of a game should consider your academic level. If a game is too difficult, it becomes frustrating to play and the lesson will be missed. The options are endless when you want to play your favorite mobile games as a way to learn.


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