Best Movies to Watch While You’re Writing Your Dissertation


Your university, and especially your mentor, provided you with clear instructions on how to conduct thorough research and complete a dissertation project. Each student is aware of the chapters they should include and the writing stages they should go through. The dissertation is not a usual college essay; it’s much more complex and demands more time. It’s the culmination of your journey through education. That’s exactly what makes it overwhelming.

The problem is that all those instructions are missing an important point: they don’t tell you how to relax. You probably tried the commonly recommended methods, such as meditation or walks in nature. But during those activities, your mind is free to focus on whatever it wants. It often chooses to worry. You need a distraction. Let’s try movies!

How Movies Can Make the Dissertation Writing Process More Successful

You can inspire your creative flow by watching the right movie at the right time. Film art combines storytelling, sound, and sight in a compact format that draws you in like nothing else. If you hit the writer’s block during the dissertation writing process, watching a movie might be the exact thing you need. In the meantime, you can hire a researcher or writer at Canadian EduBirdie to help you overcome the blockade. The movie won’t completely relax you; it will make you think. If you brainstorm for ideas right after watching it, you may get inspired to continue working on your PhD project.

However, it’s important to watch the right type of movie. Sure, a romantic comedy will relax you. But will it inspire a reasoning process? We’d like to suggest more relevant films that can inspire you to write your dissertation.

5 Movies to Inspire Dissertation Writing

  1. Inside Out

This may be just an animated movie, but it’s one of the finest ever made. Inside Out focuses on a complex physiological problem through the characters, which represent different emotions. It makes you think about the way you felt when you were a kid. Creativity wasn’t a problem then, but emotional well-being has always been a complex category.

After shedding a few tears while watching the film, you may be inspired to think about the emotions you have towards dissertation writing. You may discover the reason for the block, and that’s the first step to overcoming it.

  1. Iris

Do you like the documentary genre? If you’re looking for a new documentary film to watch, Iris is the right one. It depicts the life of Iris Apfel, a famous interior designer on the New York scene. Her life and career journey have been unorthodox in every way.

With the dissertation project, you’re trying to achieve new heights in your career. Iris is the perfect example of aiming for something “greater than life,” and reaching it.

  1. Mirror

Every movie directed by Andrei Tarkovsky is a masterpiece. But Mirror is special because it’s a true meditation on life. The movie contrasts childhood vs. adulthood, love vs. a failed marriage, and life vs. death.

The creative presentation through monochrome and vibrant footages will inspire you to move away from conventional norms when working on your paper.

  1. Dead Poets Society

Writing can be a magnificent process, but dissertation candidates fail to understand that. They are stuck in form and stiff language. If you’re trying to improve your writing skills with a more creative approach, watch Dead Poets Society!

The film will make you fall in love with writing so much that you might become more poetic in your writing style.

  1. Midnight in Paris

Where do writers get their inspiration? How was Hemingway so productive? If you thought that brilliant writers locked themselves in a dark room with nothing but their work in front of them, you were wrong. They were inspired by life itself. Maybe you should change your approach to life, and you’ll suddenly get motivated to write.

Midnight in Paris depicts a writer’s creative flow in a great way.

Take Some Time to Enjoy a Movie

Many PhD candidates isolate themselves from friends and family, so they could fully focus on the writing process. That approach works for a few of them, but it will get most people blocked and overwhelmed. Life carries on; dissertation writing is just part of it.

The above-listed movies will remind you of the most important things in life. They will inspire you to approach the dissertation from a different angle.


BIO: Stella Gary enjoys long walks with her dogs, long nights spent with movies, and long days spent with her writing projects. Stella shares her love for writing through her blog posts. She is convinced that we all have a creative spark; we just need to trigger it.


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