The Hidden Reality In Movies

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  • Movies are fascinating we have to give that. They manage to open up our minds and our eyes to scenarios and things that we would have never even thought about. Through movies, we are able to see the world through someone else’s perspective and there is nothing that is more fascinating than that. The fact you dedicate over an hour of your life to see the world through the eyes of someone else, how cool is that?

    But through the movies that we watch and that we do so dearly love, are they simply just movies or is there a hidden reality in the films that they are desperately trying to put across?

    Is there a little bit of truth in Movies?

    Could the movies that we love so much be some sort of a gamble that we have to deal with? With blackjack online games and other gambling games you know that there is a chance that you may lose and that you may win. Could that be the same with the movies that we watch? Is a mater of believing that there is a hidden reality or simply watching and waiting to find it the truth at the end?

    Movies, throughout the years have managed to inspire and motivate people from all over the world. That is why we think that they will never expire. As we mentioned, movies are creative and through that creativity there is a lot that has been done and that will continue to be done.

    Through movies we have seen people walking on the moon before the technology was ever invented, we saw flying cars, reels of joy online pokies and drilling to the earth’s core before science even proved that it was possible. Where do the writer’s even get those ideas from? Could there be someone or something that whispers into their ears what the future holds and they are trying to make us see it through movies? Maybe all those movies about science and the beginning of the world are not fake after all. Maybe, just maybe there might be a hidden reality in movies.